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helicoils and brakes

Posted By: rascott

helicoils and brakes - 04/24/21 11:52 PM

i've been assembling an early truck front axle, and am nearing completion.
on the left knuckle, the lower caliper bolt hole was just a hole- stripped.
i have fit a helicoil, and it appears to be a nice repair.
i am unsure if this is an accepted method of repair for this situation.
it is just the caliper, what could go wrong?
ha ha.
i think i'm o k w/it, but thought i'd throw this in the air.....
Posted By: rascott

Re: helicoils and brakes - 04/27/21 12:22 AM

i heard from one source that this has become a common repair, as these knuckles are becoming scarce?
i was wondering "how common" that might be.
i tightened by feel, and it seems sound.
i suppose i will see how i feel about it upon final assembly torque.......
Posted By: OldColt

Re: helicoils and brakes - 05/02/21 11:41 AM

The caliper mounting bolts are in shear. A Helicoil would be fine.
Were the original threads lost my over-torquing or a seized bolt?
Out east here anti seize compound is a must.
Posted By: rascott

Re: helicoils and brakes - 05/03/21 12:26 AM

thanks for the reply.
the knuckle was an ebay purchase, but i suspect it was a torqueing problem after a misthread start?
i have experienced the results of simian mechanics many times........
also, a 50% success rate on used parts via ebay, a route i will try and avoid in the future.

i appreciate your opinion, and suspect i will be fine- it feels o k.
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