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SkyJacker springs

Posted By: hazard2600

SkyJacker springs - 10/13/05 09:34 PM

Has anyone used this series of Skyjackers?
I'm needing to replace my saggin stock springs.
Posted By: eightyeight

Re: SkyJacker springs - 10/13/05 11:01 PM

no, havent used those, but ive got the 4" softrides and i like em so far.
Posted By: toyotaguy55

Re: SkyJacker springs - 10/13/05 11:18 PM

ditto on the 4 inch soft ride <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />

Re: SkyJacker springs - 10/13/05 11:21 PM

The $89.95 fitted spring on that link is just an add a leaf made especially for their spring packs.
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