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Message for OldColt

Posted By: Oyaji_Jon

Message for OldColt - 05/23/12 04:49 PM

Sorry to do this here, but Charlie, your inbox is full. Can you please make some space? I'd like to discuss something with you.

Posted By: MontyMcV

Re: Message for OldColt - 05/25/12 03:17 AM

Jon, have you heard from him? I can send him an email. Or, try the one via his website in his profile. It isn't the address I use with him, but I think he still gets the messages.
Posted By: Oyaji_Jon

Re: Message for OldColt - 05/25/12 11:04 AM

No, not yet brother. Thanks for asking. I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd let him know I'm trying to contact him. Thanks again for the help!
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