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Considering a GenIII Purchase

Posted By: stony-man

Considering a GenIII Purchase - 04/02/13 03:10 AM

Guys, I'm thinking about selling my '95 LS (as soon as I get this fuel pump issue fixed), and buying a GENIII. I've seen a couple '02 models pretty reasonable. I need something for a dependable daily driver and lately the '95 is just nickel and diming me to death. Mostly because I pay for most of the work. I just wanted any input/advice about the GENIIIs. I'd love to get an '06 LTD, but that's not in my price range. I need to stay at 10k or less so the loan won't strap me if something comes up.

One of the '02s I looked at is SUPER clean, but it doesn't include the 3rd seats? Has anyone tried to find a set of those? I'd imagine they're big bucks.

Posted By: 87Montero

Re: Considering a GenIII Purchase - 04/02/13 02:19 PM


One of the '02s I looked at is SUPER clean, but it doesn't include the 3rd seats? Has anyone tried to find a set of those? I'd imagine they're big bucks.


Are you sure it didn't have the seats? remember in the Gen 3 they fold flat into the floor.
Posted By: cheesegrater

Re: Considering a GenIII Purchase - 04/02/13 02:56 PM

I'll get flamed for blasphemy, but here goes, When our '94 LS blew up while in the West Virginia mountains. we left it. It would have cost more to have it hauled to Indiana than it was worth. We shopped around and ended up with a '06 Suzuki xl7. Entry to the second seat is easier (wider doors) and the third row actually has room for your feet so your knees aren't touching your chin. We still fondly think of our Montero, it took us all over the US and even to Nova Scotia in the 15 years we had it.

'89 Raider V6 5S
'06 Suzuki XL7
Posted By: MontyMcV

Re: Considering a GenIII Purchase - 04/02/13 06:11 PM

Did you see the 02 from the inside? The 3rd row folds flat into the floor. Maybe you just didn't see it.

If I went Gen III, I'd start at 03 and get the 3.8L with its smooth 5-spd AT. Make a run up my way and you can take ours for a spin. I have to admit, it is a damn nice ride.

However, you will pay an upcharge for the Gen III that maybe isn't "right" for your situation. I got my 00 with 85k for $6200. A Gen II for that price will have twice the miles. Then there are the plastic bumpers. The wife tapped a car backing up and did what was minimal real damage to her rear, though it did break the cover. Cost to reapir was just over $1k. A Gen II would have a scuff in the end cap, maybe needing replacement. The rest would have been unscathed.

Lastly, how many kids are you still hauling these days? Then Gen III 3rd row seats are at least 4" narrower. Personally, I'd rather they folded up and were wider like the Gen IIs.
Posted By: stony-man

Re: Considering a GenIII Purchase - 04/02/13 07:48 PM

The one that said it didn't have the 3rd row is in Cleveland, and I've only seen pictures so far. Some dealership has it. It has 54k and they want 9800, but I think they'll come off that some. I wondered if the seats were there and they just didn't know. smile I still have 4 kids at home, so seating for 6 is mandatory. I hadn't thought about the cost of damage repair. I'll bet there is a HUGE difference in the cost of insurance too. The kids are 12, 11, 8 and 6, so I think they'll fit back there okay if I end up with one. Although I agree, I'd prefer the old style. The new ones will push the kids closer together, ensuring EXTRA fights/arguments.
Posted By: sasnydley

Re: Considering a GenIII Purchase - 04/02/13 11:35 PM

Look for the seat belts for the 3rd row in the pics. Dealer may not realize there is a 3rd row.
Posted By: MontyMcV

Re: Considering a GenIII Purchase - 04/02/13 11:36 PM

I know that shop. Went and looked at a few when we were shopping. Just called them and it is sold. Damn!

They seem to get decent cars at great prices. Usually something wrong that isn't a big deal. Rather than fix and charge more, they just sell. The business model seems to be more about high turnover than fix-and-flip. I remember one we looked at just had some minor dings and scrapes, and had a roughed up cargo area. That wasn't too big a deal. The miles were about the same as the 98 we had, so no point in trading up years for the same miles, spending more in the process.

The guy says they get the FS Monteros regularly. If another shows up, give me a holler. They are about five miles from me. Use the email addy in my profile for the quickest reply.

BTW, $9800 for 51k miles on a Gen III sounds great for what I've seen in the past. Guess someone else thought the same... <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Sabre

Re: Considering a GenIII Purchase - 04/05/13 07:41 AM

I have an '01 and it's a very, very comfortable family truck with plenty of seating for two adults and five teenagers on short hauls. Three or four teens for a longer run would be much better. When you find one, make sure some idiot hasn't lost the headrests for the third row seat; you have to remove them when you stow the thing and some folks don't understand how important they are.

Having driven all over creation in mine, including plenty of offroad driving where such a nice car had no business going (and we had a ball!), it's definitely an outstanding compromise between daily driver comfort and off-pavement competence. However, having driven the thing heavily loaded over mountain passes plenty of times, my next one will most definitely be an '03 or later with that larger engine. She's adequate for daily use, but she's weaker than most other SUVs, especially with the larger tires I've got.
Posted By: stony-man

Re: Considering a GenIII Purchase - 04/07/13 03:55 AM

Thanks again for the advice guys. I'm still looking. Still thinking. One day I think I should pull the trigger on another vehicle, the next I think I should keep this one for a few more years. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif" alt="" />
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