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What are the chances?

Posted By: Bernoulli

What are the chances? - 06/26/14 03:47 PM

I live in Wheeler, Oregon. The sign says population 350. The nearest store is two miles away in Mohler. I imagine the population is about 75. Yesterday I ran into a Gen1 SWB owner in the Mohler store parking lot. While we were discussing Gen1 stuff a truck pulled up. The truck driver wanted to look under the hood of the other Gen1 to figure out some stuff about his new Gen1 (blown head gasket - bought disassembled). That makes four Gen1 SWBs I'm aware of within about a five mile radius here.
Posted By: MarkG

Re: What are the chances? - 06/26/14 07:22 PM

Pretty unusual. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />

Maybe you folks should buy a lottery ticket. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: DRX350

Re: What are the chances? - 06/27/14 12:06 AM

Per capita, you're the Gen 1 capital of the WORLD! ha ha
Posted By: Jeep2Montero

Re: What are the chances? - 06/27/14 12:23 AM

There are 3 first gen Monteros within 5 blocks of my house, not to mention the 4 fj60's as well, but this is also the 4wd capital of the country.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: What are the chances? - 06/27/14 01:41 AM

With 6 Monteros and 1 Raider in my yard alone...and a Mighty Max. Chances are quite good, actually, for that kind of population density. The Mitsus were popular and sold well.
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