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No Low Beams

Posted By: fasteddy

No Low Beams - 07/03/14 10:55 PM

Swapped H/L relay, no joy.

That means column switch, right. Only place the two have in common is there, and it controls the final part of the ground circuit for the lo or hi beam circuit, one always grounded. Hmmm, I could install another switch, grounding the lo beams, and they would be on whenever the headlight relay provided power to the center terminals on the lights. The switch would only be used when you wanted to run high beams only, otherwise you'd be in lo beam, or low and high beam, which is not a bad idea anyway...

I hate taking the column apart...
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: No Low Beams - 07/03/14 11:50 PM

As long as you have no CC or headlight washers, I have a combo switch extra. Let me know via PM if you need it.
Posted By: fasteddy

Re: No Low Beams - 07/04/14 01:53 AM

it has cruise and HL washers, but thanks anyway. I'm going to try the add-a-ground...
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