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Gen 1 3.0 engine upgrades

Posted By: bodyswapped8789

Gen 1 3.0 engine upgrades - 11/30/14 04:34 AM

Looking to do some bolt on upgrades on the 3.0. Can anybody give suggestions on some swaps/ bolt ons. I'm thinking along the lines of cams, plenum, lower intake, exhaust manifold, bigger throttle body. Has anybody re-tuned the PCM? I know there are several mitsubishi/chrysler models and versions of the 3.0. Are there better parts that will match up with the raiders 3.0. Or even aftermarket parts. Also does anybody know if the DOHC heads mate with the SOHC block that could be pretty cool to take the top end off of a pretty complete 88 stealth I found at the yard and put em on the raider! Thanks
Posted By: Bernoulli

Re: Gen 1 3.0 engine upgrades - 12/01/14 04:45 AM

In Australia, I put headers and a tuned exhaust on my 3L. Waste of money plus it was way too loud. Increase in performance and gas mileage negligible.
Posted By: Malykaii

Re: Gen 1 3.0 engine upgrades - 12/01/14 05:41 AM

Problem with individual bolt on mods is they all net marginal gains. Lets say something like a performance intake gains 3% hp and your rig makes 140hp, well congrats on the 5hp you'll never really feel.

For example, my buddy's 04 cobra was running below optimal numbers on the dyno during running. They swapped the stock,intake for something more appropriate and he gained over 50hp, but his supercharger moves a ton of air. Hence a 3% gain on a 680hp motor is significant. Do three bolt ons and you,can gain 100hp then.

All the bolt ons I've tried never did anything for me. Even a re gear just was a mild improvement. The starquest turbo swap, now that was a world of a difference. Doubled my power.

So Dohc heads won't do anything. Like go on Edmunds and see how the late model montero 3.8 (I think) went from single to dual cam in a year and it only lists a few hp gain. There's just nothing more to flow through those extra valves. Now if you did the whole routine with stealth turbo motor, well that's over 300hp waiting for you. (And something I'm debating about for my next rig between a 2.4 dsm setup)

Also, dorky mods tend to do more harm than good. Cold air intakes on 4.6 Ford's can absorb heat causing the air temp sensor to get hot and give false readings. Depe,ding on a setup, a bigger throttle body might cause a slight power gain off throttle as it let's in more air than the ecu expects for that possition creating a lean fuel mix, aka not good. But at a more open throttle it won't offer any gains as a n/a won't realy have any way to take in more airthan it needs. Ebay ecu flashes and chips also just make for a leaner fuel mix. Hence you run less gas and gain hp, at the expense of engine longativity. If a dude with a laptop in Russia can write a ecu flash and workers in China design a cold air intake that produce real results, multi billion auto corporations would do it from the factory themselves.
Posted By: bodyswapped8789

Re: Gen 1 3.0 engine upgrades - 12/01/14 06:24 AM

Thanks for the good info, correct me if I'm wrong but with more air for example ( slightly bigger throttle body possibly cams) you can also add more fuel with bigger injectors maybe fuel pump ( more fuel with same pulse width from PCM) Mass air and O2's and stock PCM or retuned should be able to ramp up long term fuel trim while still being able to maintain short term fuel trim. Giving more (longer)burn in the cylinders and maintain stoichometric ratio also giving more power while staying naturally asperated then better exhaust to maintain scavenging and flow. I am well aware that without air being pushed in the intake, vacuum is only going to be able to ingest what the atmosphere has to give but should still be able to produce more power. I agree that one mod alone will not give results but a collaboration of components will make a gain in both torque and horse power. I am not real familiar with the DSM obd 1 PCM to know if this is possible. That's why my thought was to use component from other DSM/chrysler 3.0 from closely related year to achieve better numbers. The stealth uses the same cast iron block so power should not be a problem. I guess my question is, does anybody know what components and from what vehicles could be used to accomplish better performance.
Posted By: Mudraider

Re: Gen 1 3.0 engine upgrades - 12/01/14 06:48 AM

Nobody has seemed to mess with any of that, mostly because the changes you talk about are street mods done by Eclipse/Stealth/3000GT etc type folks netting upper RPM gains. Lower RPM's with higher torque is what's needed when off-road generally. They seem to do all right stock with the gearing and everything they have. Trying to improve torque and horsepower, well, you are almost talking redesign of the engine. My .02.
Posted By: bodyswapped8789

Re: Gen 1 3.0 engine upgrades - 12/01/14 08:20 AM

Thank you mud raider, your first 5 words said as an anwser to the question could have saved roughly 500 later. However I'm not talking lighter flywheel and roller rockers with higher rev's here. The more hp also provides increased torque. Accompany that with possably decked heads and bored cylinders now you lower the gears and put on a set of kick ass muds with rear locker you have a fantastic recipe for an extreamly capable off road rig. By the way did the wire get rid if the garage sale section?
Posted By: Mudraider

Re: Gen 1 3.0 engine upgrades - 12/01/14 12:48 PM

No, it's listed as Private Party. Mine's locked front and rear, on 35's, pretty much able to spin them in any situation. And mine does ok. I stick with my thoughts of Mitsubishi provided enough torque. Even though all the mods you mention would help with torque.
Posted By: TainterRacing

Re: Gen 1 3.0 engine upgrades - 12/02/14 05:51 AM

I have over bored and milled mine. Heavy head,ex manifolds, intake upper and lower, tb ported full 2.5in ex. New intake pipe kn filter. About everything you could do. It needs Full tunable ecu. Any how I would say it makes a solid 170-180hp with that said needs steep gears.......The Power is in the upper rpms 4500+. Was it worth it..... For that power no.....a stock 3.5 would be more hp and more tq. Will be turbo in the near future. With a good ecu. If you really want more power you need boost or due a motor swap.
Posted By: Lloyd Swartz

Re: Gen 1 3.0 engine upgrades - 12/03/14 12:53 AM

Better to focus on gearing
Posted By: ryany

Re: Gen 1 3.0 engine upgrades - 12/03/14 01:34 AM

An upgrade such as a larger throttle body is only going to improve performance if the existing throttle body is the main restriction in the intake system. If the intake manifold, intake tubing, or air filter assembly creates more of a restriction then there's nothing to be gained by a larger throttle body.
Posted By: Mudraider

Re: Gen 1 3.0 engine upgrades - 12/03/14 02:39 AM

Gearing is prolly best bang for the buck. D300 with crawler gears would be huge offRoad
Posted By: bodyswapped8789

Re: Gen 1 3.0 engine upgrades - 12/03/14 05:32 AM

Heads are the most restricted area on most engine's, cam's can be good for both torque and HP depending on the design. Bigger TB's can be found on I think the 3.3 Chrysler diaper wagons and a couple other models (Raider TB is smaller then 52mm I think?) Their are a few 3.0 plenums that could potentially work on the raiders 3.0 but I think the 89 is the least restrictive from what I gather. other then DOHC models. Intake is a waist of time for a few reasons,

1.There is alot of design that goes into an OE intake system by guys far smarter and better paid then me.

2. all "cold air intake systems are actually "hot air systems" unless it routes to the exterior of the engine bay,(like most OE air boxes)

3. May as well be called a straw for wheelers.

4. This is the most important IT'S NOT A HONDA!

Any way enough on that, I was just wanting to build a bit more power now that its my only driver other then my Harley, and was wanting to do a few things I can tackle on a weekend. Just wanted to see if anybody has built power with yard parts.

Gearing I agree is probably that way to go, and I am looking for the GEN 2 rear axle at the yards actively. From what I remember GEN 2 axles can be found with lower gears then the GEN 1 M/T 3.0 rear end, Am I right? check the tag on the fire wall, Correct? plus locker,brakes ect, ect. that way I don't have to worry about over rev on the highway.
Once I finally get a new truck it will be full on rig.
and it wont matter. Oh one more thing and maybe I should start a new thread, but has anyone converted crank windows, to power? Got a pretty complete 84 monte at the yard with PWR windows. Got spoiled with my other car! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/lol.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: KrzyDav

Re: Gen 1 3.0 engine upgrades - 12/03/14 08:19 PM

T.B. from 3.0 M.Sport is like 80mm. 2different TBs are used and 2 different ICS. Vacuum damper for EGR is in the vacuum hose and not in casting as in '89. I was going to do this because my '89 water heated air controll went bad. I modified it to get by.
Some 92 SRs came with 4.88 and airlocker. The problem is they have high pinion front diff.
IMHO your looking for slight (if any) improvement, and gonna get headaches and waiste $.
Posted By: bodyswapped8789

Re: Gen 1 3.0 engine upgrades - 12/04/14 02:29 AM

You saying the rear axle swap or the T.B is a waist?
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