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Electrical Issue: Hazard Switch?

Posted By: Leopard14

Electrical Issue: Hazard Switch? - 08/04/15 07:36 AM

Hello, ran across another issue.
Previously, my headlights worked, turn signals, dash lights, hazard switch and lights and brake lights all worked (except for some dirty bulbs.
My reverse lights were corroded, cleaned them and worked, some others like the front running lights got cleaned and placed back into place.
When I went to connect the battery, I had a little spark and of course now the headlights and running lights dont work, hazard switch doesnt nor do the emergency flasher lights, dash lights dont either.
Brake lights do work.
I understand that the hazard switch can create some problems, just wondering if anyone has run into something similar.
As mentioned earlier, everything worked before except for the reverse lights and the dirty bulbs and sockets.
I have searched for the hazard switch, but does not seem to be readily available. Is there a way to jumper it?
Or could it be the headlight relay? I really don't think so, since they worked before. Could I have burned something in the alternator, or a sub fusible link?
Any ideas would be appreciated.
Posted By: lordtrunks

Re: Electrical Issue: Hazard Switch? - 08/04/15 08:42 AM

check all your fuses
Posted By: ryany

Re: Electrical Issue: Hazard Switch? - 08/04/15 10:01 PM

Do a search - issues with electric problems related to the hazard switch have been covered numerous times on this forum. The brief answer is yes, a bad hazard switch can affect the other lighting systems, and no, the switch is not generally available.
Posted By: Leopard14

Re: Electrical Issue: Hazard Switch? - 08/05/15 02:54 AM

Fuses were all checked, and they seemed good, but they were the ones that came with the truck. I will have to get some new ones just to be sure. No melted wires anywhere that I could see either. I will have to go clean all the ground terminals as well.
Posted By: Leopard14

Re: Electrical Issue: Hazard Switch? - 08/05/15 04:56 AM

Did some more searching and here is some of what I found. Before cleaning the bulbs and trying the lights, I had taken off a towing harness which was spliced into the rear lights and taped off all the splices.
So one of the previous postings mentioned a heavy duty flasher unit. Which it did have installed, I have taken this off and connected back the original. When I had 1st gotten the truck I had checked the fuses and there was a 20 amp fuse where there should have been a lower amp (can't remember which one exactly) but since the heavy duty flasher relay was 20amp I am assuming that was the light fuse.
Anyway, it is dark here and I will continue my hunt tomorrow. I will try to document it here in case anyone else runs into these problems.
Next is to see whether everything is back in working order, if not, then, I will check headlight relay, then the sub fusible links, plus clean the positive terminal connections (neg cable is new), as well as replace all the fuses.
Thanks for the suggestions.......last resort is taking the hazard switch apart, if I cant find one.
Posted By: Pajero_86

Re: Electrical Issue: Hazard Switch? - 08/05/15 05:14 AM

Hazard switches are available, but just outrageously expensive, $57 from R.C. Hill.
Posted By: Leopard14

Re: Electrical Issue: Hazard Switch? - 08/05/15 05:41 AM

not sure yet whether I need one, but its nice to know where to get one from. I take it R.C. Hill is a forum member?
I had a few 80's BMW 320Is and they had a similar problem with their hazard switches which would play havoc with the electrical system (that and grounds were one of the reasons you could pick them up cheap).
thanks again..
Posted By: Leopard14

Re: Electrical Issue: Hazard Switch? - 08/05/15 11:23 PM

Hello again,
Just for GP, it seems that the problem was the heavy duty flasher unit. I cleaned the terminals to the battery, got new parking light bulbs and connected it back up and the radio, dash lights, headlights and running lights all worked. Yay!, cross my fingers..............., glad it wasn't the hazard light. Now onto the suspension.....
Thanks for all the help and pointing me in the right direction.......hope this can help someone else.
Posted By: ryany

Re: Electrical Issue: Hazard Switch? - 08/06/15 03:35 PM

Good job tracking it down - electrical issues can be a [censored].
Posted By: Jay Ayala

Re: Electrical Issue: Hazard Switch? - 08/11/15 05:39 AM

One final tip here, the original design of the flasher works on resistance in the circuit. If there is zero resistance, then the flasher doesn't do it's typical "boing-click" sound and no flashing happens. We will all inevitably run into this as we upgrade to LED lights all around the vehicles. I bought what is called a "Zero Load" 2 prong flasher from SuperBrightLEDs.com for about $10.00 shipped to my home.

Its kind of annoying because I can't hear it make a sound and sometimes, I forget to cancel the turn signal.

Food for thought.
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