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87 Montero swap

Posted By: Abbott

87 Montero swap - 06/01/16 03:40 AM

hi, I want know if a 4g64 will fit with my 5 manual speed.

if there are more engines that fit please let me know
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: 87 Montero swap - 06/01/16 05:08 AM

Welcome to 4x4wire!!

Many of your answers can be found among this thread and the references within:

87Monty's Threads

Posted By: Struc

Re: 87 Montero swap - 06/05/16 03:23 PM

The short answer is yes. A "Wideblock" 4g64 will bolt right up. It is MUCH less common to find - usually found in RWD Mighty Max vehicles.

That said, read through the thread that was quoted. Tons of good info in there.
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