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New owner of 89 raider needs help

Posted By: turboed83

New owner of 89 raider needs help - 07/01/16 04:54 PM

Hello everyone. I am a new owner of am 89 dodge raider v6 auto swb. I have never had one of these before and know very little about them. Truth be told I am a Toyota guy. I stumbled across this one locally for a really good deal. Truck is very good shape but wasn't running for 2 years. So I drug it home and cleaned out gas tank/fuel system, new battery, discovered ps pump locked up so removed belt and it fired right up. Smoked blue for about 15 min and cleared up. Now It is smoking black. I can smell the raw fuel being dumped out exhaust. I can feel it misfiring so I started inspecting the ignition system. The cap was cracked, rotor looked rough, wires rotted and plugs over gapped and completely fouled. So I replaced all of them and no improvement in running condition. Then I noticed a distinct burning smell underneath and upon further looking noticed the cat was glowing red after about 7-10 min from startup. So something is causing it to dump an incredible amount of fuel. Again I am not familiar at all with these motors and any help would be greatly appreciated. I am a mechanic and competent but have not been successful in locating any information on the EFI system. I have searched high and low for an FSM. I just saw a few of these up in Ocala, Fl a few weeks ago wheeling and have thought they were pretty dam cool so I looked for one and found this one. Thanks
Posted By: Mudraider

Re: New owner of 89 raider needs help - 07/01/16 11:21 PM

Ok. First off, welcome to the Wire. I was one of those I'm pretty sure you saw in Ocala. The FSM can be found at mitsubishilinks.com. Kinda wondering if'n your cat isn't clogged up. There is probably a whole slew of maintenance that needs to be done. Easiest way to get a hold of me is on Facebook at Florida Mitsubishi 4X4. We will be meeting again this fall. Where are you at in Florida?
Posted By: turboed83

Re: New owner of 89 raider needs help - 07/01/16 11:27 PM

I was at Hardrock in my Landcruiser with a buddy that has a Samurai. So I found the FSM and started sorting through it. Also, I was just out poking around and I found this little temp vacuum switch thing up by thermostat housing that is all rotted out and It is completely broken in half. Now I believe this controls the EGR but haven't gotten that far. I am trying to see if this motor is worth saving. If not I may either pickup another or swap it for something else. It only has 151k miles. I thought these go quite a bit further. It looks rather clean and original. Radiator is kinda cruddy. But other than that a nice little truck.
Posted By: turboed83

Re: New owner of 89 raider needs help - 07/01/16 11:34 PM

Just requested to join FB group. What's your name on group ? I am located in Tampa btw. Nice to meet you. There was like a grey diesel one and I think a black raider the day we went. I have a 94 LC that is Monstalined green. There was a bunch of jeeps there. I saw you guys and I had already seen the Gen 1 monteros around and thought they were cool. I want something smaller to take on trails instead of my LC. Then I saw that black raider and i thought to myself i've never searched for Raider. So I did when I got home and found one 15 miles away and picked it up 2 days later.
Posted By: fasteddy

Re: New owner of 89 raider needs help - 07/01/16 11:45 PM

Post up on FB, and I'll lead you through the fsm. Also download the 89 power train diagnostic manual for a more refined diagnostic tree for the efi. Ed Jones on there.
Posted By: turboed83

Re: New owner of 89 raider needs help - 07/02/16 12:04 AM

just posted on fb
Posted By: turboed83

Re: New owner of 89 raider needs help - 07/03/16 03:18 PM

Ok. So I found there is a temp activated vacuum switch that is screwed in next to the thermostat that is rotted and broken in half. The vacuum lines go to the throttle body and over to the EGR. Does anyone know what this is called ? I plugged the vacuum lines temporarily and made no difference. Does this effect Air/Fuel ratios at all ? Thanks
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