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Good Alternator Parts Source

Posted By: 87Montero

Good Alternator Parts Source - 05/05/17 01:19 PM

All, I recently did some digging into my alternator which had been acting up from becoming soggy with trans fluid... and then subsequently I had an amp issue that made my alternator wig out so I went hunting for rebuild parts. I turned up dry besides finding a source for the brushes on ebay through a youtube video that Jason H posted on the facebook page.. which I then traced back to an amazon store that had similar brushes but without the springs.

I ended up talking to a Lady named Christian that was extremely knowledgeable about the mitsubishi alternators, and ended up shipping me the correct brushes for my alternator that I plan to break apart and clean out and put new brushes in now that it's otherwise working fine. I do plan to order a rebuild kit from her though and do a full rebuild one of these weekends.

FYI.. she put together a page just for the Gen 2.5 Alternators after we spoke, and here's a full breakdown on the availability for the Gen 2.5 Alternator. Her prices on parts are extremely reasonable. The customer service is excellent, and I highly recommend them if you're like me and prefer to repair rather than replace:


Posted By: pcc

Re: Good Alternator Parts Source - 05/06/17 09:35 AM

I'll give an alternate source that I used to get parts to rebuild my alternator several months ago.


You might want to do a search here on a thread I did about rebuilding my Montero alternator. On mine I had to buy a 200 watt soldering iron (Amazon) to de-solder wires to get at the rebuild parts. I also needed a bearing splitter/puller for one bearing. The brush wires can be de-soldered with a standard soldering iron.

I recently rebuilt a Toyota Denso alternator which was much easier to dismantle and rebuild than the Mitsubishi.

The price of rebuild parts is way cheaper than buying a reman alternator.
Posted By: 87Montero

Re: Good Alternator Parts Source - 05/08/17 01:06 PM

I agree on the rebuild price.. I tend to trust my rebuilds more knowing what's going into it. I did the GM Alternator on my truck 8 years ago, and it's still going strong.

Thanks for the link!
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