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lugs for aftermarket alloy wheels?

Posted By: djacidjac

lugs for aftermarket alloy wheels? - 01/16/18 03:30 AM

This is more of a general wheel & lug question but it is for my Raider. I got some nice used alloy wheels but I'm not sure if the lug nuts I got are the best fit. The wheels are thick. I got extra long "ET" lug nuts with a 60 degree conical seat. They basically work. But I feel like they are not staying tight and they seem to budge loose too easily. So I have 2 questions (any other info is appreciated, I never looked into lug nuts before):

1. The shank(? the tubular part that extends deep into the hole on the rim) on the lug nuts reaches almost to the back of the wheel, there's about 1.5mm before they would bottom out. Is that enough room for the lugs to correctly clamp the wheels down? Should I remove some of that shank length?

2. The conical seat on the rims has some burr on it and some oxidation from sitting. What's the best way to de-burr and clean the seats? (I'm planning on getting an open-ended lug, putting it on the end of a threaded rod, cutting a groove into it's seat and carefully spinning it against the wheel's seats.)

I guess I need to clean up the wheel's seats before I can definitely say how far the shanks reach, but any info would be helpful. I did not anticipate all the shenanigans with lug nuts when I went with these wheels.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: lugs for aftermarket alloy wheels? - 01/21/18 12:36 AM

There are the exceptions, like Toyota and Mitsu wheels from the 90s, but not normally a shank lug nut with a seat.

Pics of the rims?
Posted By: djacidjac

Re: lugs for aftermarket alloy wheels? - 02/03/18 04:22 AM

Thanks for the reply, I lost my password for a bit, finally re-set it. I got it figured out. Just wanted to wrap it up in case anybody else needs to know.

The wheels were standard enough and I got the correct lugs.

1. to confirm the seats, I pressed some clay into it and compared it to a known good lug. I put some plastic wrap around the clay ball first to keep it from sticking.

2. to clean and de-burr the seats, I bought an open-ended lug nut, a bolt that matched, and a regular nut to lock the lug in place at the end. I grinded two slots in the lug face and carefully spun it in the seats using a cordless drill and some lube. turns out it was mostly discoloration, but I'm 100% sure they are clean and smooth now.

3. to check the depth, make sure they weren't bottoming out, I took them off and colored the bottom with red marker, then put them back in fully tight, then took them out again and confirmed that the marker was not disturbed.

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Posted By: rxinhed

Re: lugs for aftermarket alloy wheels? - 02/03/18 07:12 PM

Those rims are sexy
Posted By: 0778drz110

Re: lugs for aftermarket alloy wheels? - 02/05/18 05:40 AM

Are they coming loose?

I'd assume that as long as they aren't bottoming out they should be fine.
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