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'88 Raider maintenance and modifications

Posted By: 0778drz110

'88 Raider maintenance and modifications - 02/05/18 05:04 AM

I haven't been on here in years. This place needs some caffeine. sleep

I'm just going to post some pictures of doing some overdue maintenance and some modifications to my '88 Raider. Maybe it will entertain or motivate some of you guys lol. But don't expect anything fast, this thing has been sitting in the yard for a year already.

The truck was at my Dad's place in the mountains and the headgasket finally blew last year, so it got dragged home for some work.

Before picture in it's natural habitat
[Linked Image]

I put a new head on it. I can't remember where from now. I think it was a complete head off ebay for $350.

old head coming out
[Linked Image]

a not very good picture of the cracks around the jet valves. IIRC 3 of the 4 were cracked. The valve seals were toast too. Smoked like a train.

[Linked Image]

I thought I head a picture of the new head installed, maybe I'll post it later. It's running again. Still need to set the timing and recheck the valves, but I shifted to some other work.
Posted By: 0778drz110

Re: '88 Raider maintenance and modifications - 02/05/18 05:25 AM

The 31" BFGs worked good but I wanted something bigger and more aggresive, so I bought an old set of 33x12.50 TSL swampers for it. I mounted them and used 10oz of airsoft BBs in each tire.

Then I thought it needed a brush guard so I bent up some rebar and made one.

I also need to order some amber LEDs and get the lighted grille working again.

[Linked Image]

A/C got torn out. Tint removed from the rear windows. Faulty trailer wiring repaired.

Current project is the brakes.

I've already done the front with new pads, rotors, and hoses. I will add a picture later. I want to get rid of the automatic hubs and I thought about getting manual hubs, but this truck is in 4wd almost as much as 2wd. Montero sports use a solid drive flange which is even better, so Rxinhed is sending me a pair that he has.

Here is a photo of the rear brakes, the oil seals have been leaking for some time...
[Linked Image]

Modifications to come; welded rear diff (maybe weld the front too), new exhaust, fix the broken fuel filler neck, build a radiator fan shroud that fits
Posted By: 0778drz110

Re: '88 Raider maintenance and modifications - 02/15/18 03:28 AM

Picture of the new head installed.

[Linked Image]

New front brakes.

[Linked Image]

Hub flanges off a montero sport installed.

[Linked Image]

Working on a new exhaust. The converter and muffler were rusted out. I tried a 2" glasspack but it sounded like ass. I found that a '78 Firebird uses two small mufflers (2" inlet) and replacements are cheap so I'm putting one where the old converter was with a turndown in front of the rear axle.

[Linked Image]

Still working on the rear brakes, everything is so greasy and some of the new drum parts aren't fitting...
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: '88 Raider maintenance and modifications - 02/16/18 01:37 AM

Have you upgraded from the tiny 4-cyl front brake rotors?
Posted By: 0778drz110

Re: '88 Raider maintenance and modifications - 02/17/18 02:58 AM

No, I didn't bother. I just want the brakes working good again. They have been too soft for too long.
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