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Gen1-- My left knee opens windows

Posted By: Bluuplanet

Gen1-- My left knee opens windows - 02/13/18 07:49 AM

1991 Montero
Surely I'm not the only person who's had this issue.
Its bad when I'm driving alone in the rain with the radio on and cant hear the rain coming in. I get to where I'm going and the rear seat is all wet.
Is anyone aware of an aftermarket door mounted window operator switch console that isn't in the way of your left knee?
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: Gen1-- My left knee opens windows - 02/15/18 03:08 AM

There are no simple ways to alleviate this switch matter. My knee has dents from the manual crank handle, so I feel for you on this.

To me, the fastest solution would be to reroute power to the door switch to a remote toggle switch.
Posted By: Idahomitsu

Re: Gen1-- My left knee opens windows - 02/22/18 04:38 AM

Ha! Good luck trying to fix that one, happens to me all the time. Was just telling my wife yesterday while driving that this is the only thing that bothers me about these rigs. Her response "oh really!?" (slight sarcasm in her voice) probably due to the fact I spend just as much time with my Monty's as I do with her. Only way around that one is letting her drive the nicest one on the daily.
Posted By: JAVYPRO

Re: Gen1-- My left knee opens windows - 02/23/18 05:54 PM

LOL you guys are not the only ones. My daughter is now driving and she loved my 1990 LWB and I complained the other day about the same issue and since she has long legs like me her sarcastic response was: "That black thing on your left side of the floor is called a foot rest for a reason". Smart girl!!!

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