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fuel tank/ separator tanks

Posted By: 87CanadianRaider

fuel tank/ separator tanks - 09/03/18 09:28 PM

I'm working on getting my montero road worthy after putting in a donor motor last fall. now here's my question.

after realizing my gauge contact broke off inside the tank and the small screws will never come off under the truck I decided to pull the tank and give it a go over. turns out it was worse off than I thought. few pin holes coming through too. no problem, I'm gonna POR15 the outside and put a liner kit inside it. what I'm confused about is how necessary are the maze of little separator tanks on the top. all of the metal line up there had to be cut off (rust).
since it's not a pressurized tank could I not maybe put one line to the front charcoal vent and plug the others?? any thoughts?
Posted By: dadrab

Re: fuel tank/ separator tanks - 09/04/18 06:00 PM

I've restored the tank on a 3.0L Montero, so I don't know if this will help you much or not.

However, if there's any way to save (or replace) those tubes, do it. I had one tube outlet I let get clogged with the POR15 and the "check engine" light was on forevermore afterward.
Posted By: 87CanadianRaider

Re: fuel tank/ separator tanks - 09/04/18 07:10 PM

yeah it's kinda late to save them now. cut two saved one. I dont think my 4cyl. carb is gonna care., the mech fuel pump will draw regardless. either way a CIL is better than leaking gas all over my driveway lol
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: fuel tank/ separator tanks - 09/06/18 04:00 AM

I would not worry, just connect all the tubing.
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