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The engine build continues...

Posted By: DRTDEVL

The engine build continues... - 12/09/18 02:47 PM

So, I bought a reman head from AutoZone off of eBay. After shipping, it was under $400. Sure, it was the FWD head, but all I needed to do was swap my cam off the other head over to it and use the head plug on the back. Easy-peasy.

I figured out why the engine was so buzzy and vibrated itself apart as well. I thought I had a balance shaft eliminator kit installed, but when I opened it up, the balance and silencer shafts were present. After spinning to TDC, I found the problem: The balance and silencer shafts were installed 180* out. The timing marks on the sprockets were exactly the opposite of where the FSM says they should be. This had been corrected on the new build.

Now the quick questions: Do I need any RTV on the timing gasket? A dab at the corners of the head gasket I already figure, but are these dry gaskets? The same question for the oil pan and balance shaft cover.

I can't believe the Montero is almost ready to go back on the road after being down for 4 years...
Posted By: DRTDEVL

Re: The engine build continues... - 12/11/18 01:41 PM

And more delays:

I found out that my fuel pump spacer MELTED! The heat when it blew was so intense, I had to order another one. It will be here later in the week. I also found out that the A/C Compressor was wrong... and every image I see is of the wrong compressor. Where do you guys find the right one? Every 6P148A compressor I have found has the mounting tabs in the wrong place. I searched here, and found some old threads, but the only actual parts source I found with one is in China. I'm not to keen on that route. A lot of the old threads say to have the one in the Montero rebuilt.

No, I don't know if it is bad, but the truck has sat in the desert for 4 years now and the compressor does give resistance to turning (not locked up, but more difficult than it should be to turn by hand). I'm not sure how much life it has left in it, so I was going to replace it preemptively, along with the receiver/drier and expansion valve, draw a vacuum, add PAG, and recharge it.

Where would I find a rebuild kit for the compressor? I'm not afraid of rebuilding anything except transmissions (irrational fear, I know).

While awaiting the spacer, I will re-wire the distributor (old, hacked wires to the pickup coil), solder in a bunch of connectors under hood (a lot of hacked wiring, and I cut a bunch of plug ends out of a wrecked Monty in the J/Y), install the motor mounts, put the engine on the hoist to install the rear main, then back to the stand to flip over and install the oil pickup screen and oil pan. Once the spacer arrives, I can re-install the fuel pump, pour oil over the entire valve train, and spin the engine over a few times with the breaker bar as quickly as I can to get a partial prime on the oil pump. Only then will I be able to put it back on the hoist, install the flywheel and clutch, then drop it in place.

In reality, there's only about an afternoon of work left, but I like to go slow and be meticulous, so it will still be a full weekend's project before attempting to fire the engine up.

In the meantime, I am going to pull the head from the old one and see how bad things look inside. So far, I see exhaust ports 3 and 4 are clean, so that's where the head gasket blew. I also found that the spark plug electrode in 4 was broken, so I'm guessing that's where the bulk of the water went. I found that there was no hole in the block like I suspected, the oil pouring out came from the melted fuel pump spacer and was dripping off near the starter. This might actually be a rebuildable core... if I could only find someone within a reasonable distance who wants it nearly immediately. I am moving in 5 months, so I need to clear out a lot of junk before then.
Posted By: DRTDEVL

Re: The engine build continues... - 12/11/18 01:54 PM


A couple pics
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