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DRBII for 89 Montero

Posted By: chadzeilenga

DRBII for 89 Montero - 03/03/19 05:23 AM

Hi All,
I'm looking for information on the DRBII for the 89 Montero. The 89 has the 12-PIN connector and the adapter on the one I'm using is the 16-PIN end. Does anyone know the p/n for the 12-PIN adapter?
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: DRBII for 89 Montero - 03/09/19 11:19 PM

What is DRBII?
Posted By: steve1814

Re: DRBII for 89 Montero - 03/14/19 03:23 PM

N9B Chrysler DRB 2 II Adapter Mitsubishi 53002 OEM Factory Specialty Automotive Tool

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Posted By: MarkG

Re: DRBII for 89 Montero - 03/16/19 10:13 PM

The image is the adapter cable that sits between the Dodge DRB II and the Mitsubishi harness. The DRB II has a display and keypad. It seems that the last person that I lent mine to returned the adapter harness but not the DRB II.

I did find a MUT-I if you want to borrow it. I do need to check if it has the 3.0l module.
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