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GEN1 6G72 Fuel Pressure

Posted By: chadzeilenga

GEN1 6G72 Fuel Pressure - 03/07/19 10:03 PM

Hi All,
I have a GEN1 that I'm trying to sort out after engine replacement. I have a question regarding checking fuel pressure. I have my fuel pressure gage installed on the fuel filter inlet banjo fitting.

With everything connected I get ~42-44psi on (2) different Fuel Pressure Regulators. FSM states this should be 38psi.
When I disconnect the vacuum line to the FPR I get 53psi, which is within specification of the FSM.

I'm confused about the 38psi from the FSM. Is this a MAX limit? Would only 4psi above that cause issues?
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: GEN1 6G72 Fuel Pressure - 03/09/19 11:15 PM

Is there another port along the fuel rails on the engine? Has been a long time since I looked.
Posted By: chadzeilenga

Re: GEN1 6G72 Fuel Pressure - 03/10/19 02:34 AM

Hi Rx,
Not that I can tell. Just the connections from flex line to rail and FPR. Looks like there is a special adapter in FSM to measure at the rail.
Posted By: MarkG

Re: GEN1 6G72 Fuel Pressure - 03/16/19 10:07 PM

I used to have the adapter hose. I can look next week. It replaces the high pressure line from the firewall to the engine. It has an inline T with a schrader valve to check the pressure. Someone could make one themselves by splicing in a T and a schrader valve.
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