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87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas

Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 04/08/19 03:44 PM

I hope I'm starting this thread correctly, I'm not sure if this is where I'm supposed to add it. I've copied a lot of wording from my first thread "Carb and vacuum Issues" because it gives an idea of where I'm starting with my Raider. I would like to thank "GrantCee" and "rxinhed" for responding to my first thread, encouraging me to start this thread.

Just a little background. I am the proud owner of an 87 Gen1 Raider I picked up for $240 on an insurance buy back. It has the 2.6 motor with 5-speed manual. It's totally stock and in fairly rough condition with 148k miles on it. The body has a lot of rust and the paint is terrible, but the frame is solid. The drive train all works, but it is all tired and needs to be refreshed. Steering and suspension are all wore out (It bounces down the road like a basketball and shimmies at anything over 35 mph). It does run but only if you give it no more than 1/2 throttle. It is starting out really plain and kind of rough but I've been doing lots of research on this forum, as well as other places on the net, and have big plans for it.

I wanted to document the process of re-working my 87 Gen1 Raider. I'll be doing it at the same time I'm helping my youngest boy (14 yr old) re-work the 87 Ranger STX "High Rider" for him to drive. So I might not always have something to post on the Raider, because half of my time will be spent helping him. I've done a lot of dirt bike complete rebuilds from the floor up, so I understand engines and am comfortable turning wrenches, but I don't have as good an understanding about 4-strokes or more than 1 cylinder.

Being a newby is tough, not just new to this forum but this is the first forum I've ever joined. When I was reading threads, as an outsider, I realized what a great group of people the members were. This group is friendly, very knowledgeable and seem to always be willing to help each other out. This was very influential to me joining this forum because I don't know anyone else in Kansas that even owns a Mitsubishi or a Raider, they're just not that common.

I'm fixing up the Raider so I can go on rides with friends that all drive side by sides (I can't afford a $20k toy). Figured I could get the Raider up to speed for around $5-10k in about 3 years and still be able to use it on the ranch or drive it down state/federal highways if I want.

I have a general 3 year plan for upgrading;
1st year is to get it running descent and driving good (lift kits, complete front end rebuild, upgraded wheels/tires and anything else MaMa will allow.

2nd year is the body work (rust repair, bob the rear top off, roll bar, fastback top, rhino line inside, paint outside flat gray or tan, lights all around, after market bumpers and a 10-12k winch).

3rd year will be a complete drive train replacement (4M40 diesel, tranny, t-case, newer model diffs w/ lockers and at least 33" tires).
I'm also thinking about building a complete cage for it. My middle son is a senior in high-school, he will be going to the local JUCO to get his welding certification and my youngest wants to take welding when he starts high-school next year. So I should have plenty of expertise when this takes place.

To start with, something with the carburetor wasn't right, it was very sluggish and would go through a tank of gas in about 100 miles (roughly 7-9 miles per gallon). I've read a lot about changing the stock carb for a Weber and "GrantCee" helped me out with suggesting the Weber 32/36 DGEV in the Redline K610 conversion kit, so I've got one on order (hope to get it this week). I plan to remove all the emissions vacuum line and electronics after I get it on and would be glad to give it all to forum brethren who live in emission required states.

"GrantCee" tells me that he's getting 24-25 mpg with his Weber when it was dialed in correctly, that's really good mileage, difference should pay for the cost of my Weber carb conversion in less than 10 tanks of fuel.

I still have the original Jet Valve Head and don't plan to change it unless I have to.

I'm running stock wheels and tires for now but have some 30.5x11.5 R15 Super Swampers on 15x8 ProComp alum wheels I ordered earlier for it (the wheels were only $67 each). Just gotta get the engine running good enough to turn them.

I ordered and received a new 2" lift OME suspension lift last week. I'm waiting to get it into a shop to have it installed and the complete steering system and suspension gone through.

I've ordered a 2" body lift from 4crawler.com and am waiting for it to come in. (I hope I placed the order correctly).

Bought some 4" fiberglass fender extensions from a place in Cyprus on Ebay. They look really good and I'll be storing them for a while until I can get to the body work.

I will take some pictures as it sits now and update them as I make changes to my rig. Sorry for running on, but as you can tell, I'm really excited about this project. I'm 53 years old and this is the first time I've had a chance to take something like this on (makes me feel like a kid again).


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Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 04/08/19 03:46 PM

Here are some other photo's of the original Raider.

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Posted By: GrantCee

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 04/09/19 09:40 PM

About my mileage report...I failed to correct for the larger than stock tire size in my caculations. When I factored that in, I was actually getting 26-27 with the original head. Now with the 2-valve head, I'm getting an actual 21.5-22.5!

Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 04/10/19 03:33 AM

Wow, that’s really great mileage!!
Can’t wait to get my Weber installed, it just has to come in. Raider has to go into the shop this weekend to get the steering and suspension taken care of, then carb should be at house waiting to be installed.
Posted By: Bigshankhank

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 04/10/19 08:20 PM

That's a super clean Raider, nice find for only $250.
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 04/10/19 10:16 PM

Thanks Hank,
It was my oldest boys. He had it parked in town at a friends while they were out of town for the weekend and a girl hit the driver side front bumper so hard it knocked it 60’ down the street and pushed it it over a 16” curb. Totaled her Corolla and only bent the bumper back about an inch. At that point I knew it was a tough little truck, so when her insurance company wanted to total it out I asked what they had to have to buy it back. They paid the boy $2,600 and sold it to me for $240. I’d been bugging my wife about buying a newer side by side and she asked me what it would take for me to fix up the Raider instead. I told her 6-8k, that’s how I got the 2-3k per year budget to spend on it.

Ain’t I lucky!!!
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 04/14/19 03:15 PM

Poor little Raider is feeling lonely and in need of some attention.

Finally, the Weber 32/36 showed up on Friday, hope to get it all installed Saturday.

Here's how everything looked before the install.

Description: I got the Weber carb on Friday and hope to get it all installed Saturday. (9am)
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Description: Well I finally got started with the many changes to my Raider,
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Description: Here's how everything looked before the install.
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Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 04/14/19 03:20 PM

All the vacuum lines finally are gone.

Description: Old carb off, intake manifold cleaned and all the vacuum lines removed.
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Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 04/14/19 03:26 PM

Now to put everything back together.

Description: First is the new Weber carb
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Description: Then the fuel pressure regulator
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Description: Total set up looks really Nice. opens lots of extra space under the hood.
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Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 04/14/19 11:08 PM

AND here is all the "STUFF" I removed and is available to who ever needs it. (Not including the messy cart of tools)

This install was started at roughly 9am and was completed by 6pm on Saturday. I knew what I was doing because of the research I did on all the threads here.

Thanks to all of you through out the years who have helped others with this install because I read all I could find and it prepared me for everything that would have been an issue if I would not have had these resources.


I also plan to remove and re-work all of the wiring to remove all of the emissions equipment involved there as well. so if someone needs any of it just let me know.

Description: FREE STUFF for who ever needs it
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Description: My messy tool cart after the install.
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Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 04/18/19 04:04 AM

Well I must have caught a SERIOUS RAIDER DISEASE.

Found the only other Raider in Hutchinson and it was a lot cleaner than mine, so I bought it. I’m now the proud owner of a 1988 Raider w/ AT, rebuilt 2.6 and right at 100k miles. Gave $2,500 for it but it will make an excellent run around vehicle for my wife for when we get her 2008 ‘Burban sold.

May have to post some pics for it later.
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 04/28/19 02:28 AM

Well all my front end parts came in for the 87 Raider project, so it is in the shop getting them and the OME lift kit installed.

In the mean time, I've got mama's 88 Raider to work on. It had a Weber carburetor when we bought it, but it's settings were all messed up, NO fuel pressure regulator and the "kick-down" cable was not attached (88 has an automatic tranny) and it wouldn't run over 2k RPM's or 35-40 mph.

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Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 04/28/19 02:33 AM

I spent all day re-working the throttle linkage, properly connecting the "kick-down" cable, installed Holley fuel pressure regulator and changing oil.

I re-used the throttle cable cam from the stock carb. I think I may have to do a little more work to get everything working properly, the secondary's aren't opening up and I don't know why (time for more research, anyone have any idea's??).

I read a lot of posts about how to connect the "kick-down" cable and found lots of things being done to fill the gap from the throttle cam arm to the cable end, from using a piece of wire to a zip tie. I wanted to use something a little more durable and didn't know what I was going to use. Last night I woke up with the perfect solution. I went to the local farm store and purchased a few different sized chain master-links, so I would have some adjustability in length. WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!! Tranny shifts perfect now.

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Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 04/28/19 02:38 AM

Fuel pressure regulator went on quick (about 15 minutes), since I already worked through the issues installing one on my 87. Noticed the fuel pressure was "bouncing" between 0-4 psi (ding ding ding ding). I think I have a bad fuel pump and the local parts store won't have one until tomorrow. Hope that fixes the issue.

Last thing for today was adding 5oz of sea foam to the oil and running it for about 20 minutes while I sprayed the carb with Sea Foam to clean out the carbon. Did the "Hot" soak and re-run. Then changed oil and filter. I'm amazed how much smoother it runs.

Think I'll take it to a tranny shop for a service after I get the new fuel pump installed.
Posted By: Bigshankhank

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 04/29/19 09:07 PM

Love the chain link fix, brilliant!
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 04/30/19 12:30 AM

Thanks Hank, I thought it would be a lot more reliable than a piece of wire or a zip tie. Hopefully it will help out someone else who was struggling with the issue.
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 05/11/19 02:41 AM

Still waiting to get my Raider out of the alignment shop, taking a while to get parts.

Mama's Raider is running great now that I got the "kick down" cable properly adjusted and the carb tuned up. I was having a problem with the fuel pressure fluctuating between 0 and 4 psi. Couldn't figure out what the problem was but expected an issue with the existing fuel pump. Come to find out, the previous owner had installed the incorrect fuel pump trying to avoid using a fuel pressure regulator (BIG MISTAKE). It had a restriction on both outlets and wouldn't feed fuel fast enough to the Weber, so the bowl was running dry during acceleration. Also had a conversation with the PO and he didn't remember plugging the coolant port in the intake manifold that was used to heat the Mikuni carb. Gonna have to pull off the Weber and conversion plates tomorrow, to tap and plug the port if it hasn't already been done.

Say Hank, did you find a rear wiper arm, I have an extra somewhere you can have if you still need it.
Posted By: Bigshankhank

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 05/11/19 01:39 PM

Great updates, glad to hear you figured out the Weber's problems.

Yes, I do still need a rear wiper arm, especially as it is getting in to the rainy season here in Florida. I'll shoot you a PM.
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 05/12/19 12:43 PM

I know what you mean about rain, We've had around 9" in the last week with hail and tornadoes all over the place. All the ponds are full and country roads around my place are flooded, my boys have to go an extra 10-12 miles just to get to school.
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/05/19 07:37 PM

Well, my Raider is FINALLY about to get out of the shop in the next couple of days.

Whew, that was painful in more ways than one. Every time I thought it was getting close, something else would come up being worn out. I'd have to order more parts, then wait 2-3 weeks for them to come in. I thought I had everything ordered and in before it was started but that just shows you what I get for "Thinking". I'll have around $1,500 in parts total, so maybe it is a good thing I didn't order everything at once. Gave me a chance to spread it out over a couple of CC billing cycles. My wife would have had a cow if she knew I spent that much. She still may when the next bill comes in, but it will be worth the kick in the posterior.

Anyways, should make it's debut with like new suspension, steering and brakes. Essentially everything below the frame has either been inspected and expected to be good as new or replaced. Can't wait to get it home.

Will be posting some more pics of it when that happens. I don't think I've missed out on all of our mud-holes disappearing around here yet so I'll get to see how it does.


By the way, I decided to name it after one of my favorite Sunday Cartoons "HAGAR the Horrible". He was a Raider wasn't he, well a Viking anyways.
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/05/19 08:10 PM

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

I decided on a name for my wife's Raider also, "HELGA". It just seemed to fit. Of course she's the pretty one.

I've been driving HELGA around since HAGAR has been in the shop. Finally have her fine tuned and running like a top. I still need to change out her transmission, transfer-case and differential fluids, but I think that is going to have to wait until HAGAR can play in the mud a bit this weekend (I hope).

She's been getting around 17 mpg into and around town on the last tank. That was before I had the carb and shifting tuned, so should be even better on this tank. Automatic tranny just won't get as good.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/06/19 01:07 AM

My daughter's 87 Raider, Scar, reportedly achieved 22 mpg from Phoenix to NorCal, with AC and 33" tires...

2.6L, Thorley header, automatic.
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/06/19 02:32 AM

Wow, that's really good. Mine was mostly short trips, nothing longer than 4 miles at a stretch without a stop sign.

How does hers manage to get that kind of mileage, I must be doing something wrong.
Any suggestions?

Posted By: rxinhed

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/06/19 02:54 AM

Roxy, my 87 Raider, hardly ever did better than 16 mpg, stick, lots of highway.
Posted By: Bigshankhank

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/06/19 06:47 PM

Ha, I logged my mileage for the first 10,000 miles driving my Raider (3.0, stick, 31" tires) and other than a few peaks at 17+ I was averaging 15.6-16, mostly highway.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/07/19 04:13 AM

Not unreasonable.
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/10/19 03:15 PM

Aaaauurrgghh, HAGAR didn't make it out of the shop yet. Probably a good thing, I have lots of other things that needed done. I spent 12 hrs Saturday on the tractor doing dirt work to correct my drive and a bunch of other washed out areas.

I'm just ready to get him home and put on his new shoes to see how he looks. Oh well, "If it was meant to be it would be", "Patience make the heart grow fonder" and all that jazz.

From what everyone is saying, I guess 17mpg with an A/T around town isn't so bad. Guess I'll have to keep it around : ) . Just kidding, wouldn't get rid of HELGA if someone offered me twice what I paid for her.
Posted By: Bigshankhank

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/10/19 03:20 PM

To be clear, the mileage I was recording dropped by about 2-3 mpg when I installed the Kelly A/T tires from the old Primewell highway tires, last couple tanks before I reached 10,000 miles in my log were upper 14's to low 15's. It ain't pretty.
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/10/19 03:30 PM

Hey ya all, can someone help me out? How come I can't seem to make this my "Avatar".

thanks ahead of time.

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Posted By: rxinhed

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/13/19 04:01 AM

Fixed 'ya
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/13/19 04:13 AM

Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/14/19 06:51 PM

It's time for a celebration. HAGAR finally returned home. He is finally re-united with HELGA, now I can make comparisons between the two of them to figure some things out.

Two of my boys have a State Trap tournament tomorrow so I will miss out on the ride with everyone else here, but maybe next weekend. I don't know though, He's pretty anxious to play in the mud and have a few brews to celebrate, so may have to make a trip out some evening this coming week.

Here are some pics of him out at my office/cabin.

I think he's looking really snazzy with his new shoes on, what do you all think?

Description: HAGAR after his glorious return home to HELGA.
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IMG_1584.pdf  (11 downloads)

Description: Doesn't he look really proud.
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IMG_1586.pdf  (5 downloads)

Description: His stance has improved so much.
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IMG_1585.pdf  (7 downloads)
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/15/19 01:24 AM

Swampers are mean looking. Are you going to lift the front for a level?
Posted By: rascott

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/15/19 04:15 PM

Originally Posted by rxinhed
Swampers are mean looking. Are you going to lift the front for a level?

is this where a torsion bar tweak comes in?
my brother did this w/miss bitchy, but that was to fit 31's.
what else can be done for lift/clearance?
hagar looks great!
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/16/19 05:16 PM

SWAMPERS WORKED WONDERFULLY, Made it through a slimy swamp area (6-8" of grease about 50 yards long) at a neighbor's house, in 2 wheel drive. Those tires throw HUGH hunks of mud everywhere, it was GREAT!! Had mud chunks the size of softballs on the roof and hood from front to back. Even had a couple inside (oops, left the windows down) but oh well, that's part of it.

SHOULD HAVE TAKEN PICTURES OF HIM IN ALL HIS GLORY, but was so excited I went straight home and gave him his first battle's bath.

I drove through it in 2-wheel drive only because I couldn't get the hubs to lock in, what's the deal? They are the stock "Automatic" hubs but they worked before all the front-end work was done and now they don't. Any ideas what the problem may be?

I installed the Old Man Emu lift so it should have come out level, right? Will have to see what's up with that also??
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/18/19 01:59 AM

Front is already lifted as high as it will go, about 1.75". If I go any farther the CV boot will drag on the bottom arm.

I have been doing a lot of research here and in the service manual and I think the hubs just need to be taken apart, cleaned and reassembled. (I HOPE!!), Still think I'll look into getting some manual hubs, just gotta figure out where.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/18/19 03:19 AM

Either disassemble the auto hubs, clean and relube with light application of white lithium grease...or toss them puppies and get some Aisin manual hubs from Amazon or similar.

Your rear springs must not be sagged like all the ones I've worn out...Hagar is high in the back.
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/19/19 04:04 PM

I found the Aisin Hub part number (FHM002) on Rock Auto for $97.79 each, didn't find any cheaper during my web search, so guess I'll order them.

Just to verify, the spline count is 28, correct?
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 06/19/19 04:32 PM

I've done some measuring and the back is approximately 1" higher. I don't really like it either, looks like HAGAR is slouching and depressed, instead of standing tall and proud.

I had some help from a guy who installed the front torsion bars and I wasn't there when he put them in. After talking to him, he said the bump stops would only allow the front to go that far. I thought it was the CV boots that were in danger.

I know I've read something on here about trimming the bump stops down so the lift can be fully utilized, IS THAT CORRECT?? I have the old bump stops that I can experiment with (i put new ones on), would this allow me to increase the front lift to even out HAGAR's stance?

Thanks for the information.
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 07/01/19 02:54 AM

I finally got the Aisin Hubs in, just gotta find time to install them, Maybe this next weekend.

Still trying to find out about trimming the bump stops to allow more front lift with the torsion bars. (from message above)
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 07/01/19 04:23 AM

Might be easier to use Gen 2 Montero UCAs.
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 07/01/19 06:23 PM

What years are the GEN 2's? Do they bolt up without modification?

I just replaced all the parts of my GEN 1 UCA's, will I still be able to utilize the same parts or do I have to just write them off?

Thanks for the feedback.
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 07/04/19 03:20 AM

I got in the Aisin Hubs and started installing them this evening. Got the first one installed and I found out why the auto hubs weren't working.

My buddy packed them full of grease when he installed them. Guess I'll tear them down, clean them up and keep them as spares for HELGA.

Anyways, I got the first one installed and had to come in for supper. I'll put the other one on tomorrow and test them out.

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July Holiday.
Stay Safe.

Posted By: MarkG

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 07/05/19 07:56 PM

I believe the FSM lists a light coating of engine oil for the auto hubs. You may want to download the FSM. Give a copy to your buddy if he's going to be working on your truck.
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 07/05/19 08:56 PM

I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July celebration. I finished the hub install and also installed the bouncy seat frame I had into HAGAR. Then we tried him out for 12 miles, over extremely washed out roads, to go watch fireworks last night, HAGAR performed excellently.

I've downloaded the FSM's from "Mitsubishilinks.com", have them printed out in a 3-ring binder and it was in the truck.

My buddy was just trying to help out, so I can't give him to much grief. I planned to change them out to manual hubs anyways (and this just gave me an excuse).

Really no harm done, I'll tear them down, clean them up, apply a light coat of lithium grease, then wrap them up and shelve them for later use if needed.

Thanks for the comments,
Posted By: RoryTek

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 08/25/19 05:07 AM

Do you still have your old vac lines?
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 08/26/19 07:10 PM


YES, I still have all the emissions control equipment. Send me a PM about everything that are you needing and I'll scrounge around and see what all I can come up with.

Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 09/10/19 09:35 PM

Well now I know I have the fever!!!

Gonna buy a '87 Monty in Colorado next weekend. It has some motor knocking after it warms up. Don't have a clue what could be causing it? It's had the head rebuilt and the timing chain replaced, could they have gotten the distributor 180 degrees out of time. Anyone have any idea's? Everything else looks pretty good.

Haven't had a chance to get a set of GEN2 Upper Control Arms for HAGAR yet, to level out his stance. Figure I'll mess with that this winter.

By the way, What is the difference between the GEN1 UCA's and the GEN2's?

Thanks for answering my questions,

Posted By: rxinhed

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 09/11/19 12:46 AM

Ball joint angle of the dangle
Posted By: cheesegrater

Re: 87 Gen1 Rebuild in Kansas - 09/11/19 06:25 PM

If you mean knock other than detonation, look for rod or main bearings. Rod bearings make the most noise on deceleration while mains are loudest under heavy load, like climbing a long hill.
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