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Hello! New member 87 Raider with questions!

Posted By: Chrystine

Hello! New member 87 Raider with questions! - 08/19/19 03:54 AM

Hi everyone! I am new to the Raider world and I am in love with this little 4x4! I have some questions and need some help! It’s an 87, 5 speed, 2.6L I bought this 3 hrs away from home. The guy said he rebuilt it with new head from a montero, pistons, rings, oil pump, timing chain, & fuel pump. So it test drove ok and I snagged it for 1500. Drove home and watched gauges like a hawk. Did ok but two hours in oil pressure drops and it died on frwy. Well I live in the desert. I think it was 110 or more that day. I didn’t even bother trying to start it, I just towed it. Next day it starts up and the motor shakes bad. I take it to mechanic and he claims it’s ok. So I take it home and it dies again. So....I change the oil, new filter ( the one on it was wrong and too small) I change the oil pressure switch. New k&n air filter and fuel filter (which wasn’t changed yet the pump was?). And now the oil pressure was back up and holding but it still shook like crazy. So now I change the plugs, wires, rotor and cap. Now it’s not shaking! Sounds sooo much quieter. BUT....it now knocks loudly on acceleration. It runs ok and doesn’t seem to want to die. I’ve on,y driven around the block keeping it low just to be sure it won’t stall. So I’m not sure what it could be. The egr light was on when I got it if that matters. Any help in right direction is appreciated.
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Posted By: rxinhed

Re: Hello! New member 87 Raider with questions! - 08/20/19 04:38 PM

Reset the light by moving the slide switch behind the speedo. Check your timing. Check the chain tension.

Download a copy of the factory service manual (FSM) at mitsubishilinks.com and don't forget that you are welcome to ask questions.

Lastly, but firstly, welcome to the Wire! smile

Posted By: Bigshankhank

Re: Hello! New member 87 Raider with questions! - 08/28/19 12:58 AM

Welcome, nice looking rig! I wish I could help, mine has the V6 but I’m sure you’ll find the help you need.

Question for the forum; is the arched scratch on the passenger side of the windshield a factory installed thing? Because mine has it, and the one in my local JY has it and now I see yours has it too!
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: Hello! New member 87 Raider with questions! - 08/31/19 07:03 PM

That scratch comes from operating the wiper system without a wiper or with a failed wiper. This is not a factory thing.
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