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How's everyone doing?

Posted By: off-roader

How's everyone doing? - 11/25/19 11:42 PM

Been a little while since I posted here as I've been pretty busy and with so many social media outlets it's just hard to be everywhere and by the time I'm done with one, I'm too pooped to do more.

Anyhow, I hope to get back into the swing of things as I build up my Gen I (thanks Russell) and will also be looking to sell my Gen II (96SR) and Gen III (05) to help finance some of the Gen I build up.

So who's still active on here and how's everyone doing?
Posted By: 4x4Wire

Re: How's everyone doing? - 11/26/19 06:28 PM

The site is still active, sooooo, I'm here!!!!!

Hello, Ray! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your Gen I build.
Posted By: Oso

Re: How's everyone doing? - 11/26/19 08:11 PM

must be something in the air. i just stopped in today for the first time in months or maybe years. it's been awhile.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: How's everyone doing? - 11/27/19 01:52 AM

rxinhed never really left, but... The Montero Ranch parts business is largely closed. Fair notice to people that I have free things, while they last, and while I still live here. I'm taking a job in Oregon.

Jeff and Ray, would be super sweet if your vehicles were picked up, repeat...super sweet.

As soon as the weather is clear and budget allows, I'm going to rent a roll-away dumpster, invite Oso to chop things up with me, make recycled "Mitsu-bits" and not look back.

Selling the ranch and exiting California is the new goal.
Posted By: TOASTY

Re: How's everyone doing? - 11/27/19 08:43 PM

Welcome back Ray, be great to see you out on the trail.
Posted By: 4x4Wire

Re: How's everyone doing? - 12/03/19 03:02 PM

Russel: Congratulations on the new job and CA escape. Where in Oregon??

I am working on paperwork for a bid on some property in Tennessee...
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: How's everyone doing? - 12/04/19 11:09 PM

John, I am transferring to our office in Klamath Falls and out of Central Cali.

Good luck on your bid!!
Posted By: 4x4Wire

Re: How's everyone doing? - 12/06/19 03:18 AM

I like the Klamath Falls area. I cut the check for the escrow "earnest money" deposit today. There are a number of contingencies that could go south. But, everything looks promising now....
Posted By: JAVYPRO

Re: How's everyone doing? - 12/07/19 02:05 PM

Hello guys, this is javypro, it has been a while indeed. I have been so busy with life that have not had the time or energy to post but I still have logged in and today wanted to check with y'all and hope everyone is doing great.

Posted By: KrzyDav

Re: How's everyone doing? - 12/09/19 09:54 AM

I check in monthly lately. Seems I only wrench 1 step in a project per month but me and mybeast are mostly still alive. So Ray- did you get a new Gen 1?
Posted By: plh

Re: How's everyone doing? - 12/20/19 07:35 PM

I stop in once in a while and have a look around. Happy Holidays everyone.
Posted By: MarkG

Re: How's everyone doing? - 12/21/19 12:29 AM

I check in to see what's new every week or so.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays!
Posted By: Mitch

Re: How's everyone doing? - 12/22/19 04:58 AM

Hey John, what part of TN?
Posted By: 4x4Wire

Re: How's everyone doing? - 12/22/19 07:00 PM

Bell Buckle, just south of Murfreesboro
Posted By: Mitch

Re: How's everyone doing? - 12/27/19 10:33 PM

Nice area. I went to school in Cookeville and have lived around Oak Ridge (wife's family). Probably moving back sometime.
Posted By: 3esso

Re: How's everyone doing? - 01/02/20 06:23 AM

Hey Guys

its really nice to hear some activity here from all,
it has been a while & my 97 NJ is almost dead after a big Overhaul which didn't last long

so feeling the need of fellow Mitsubishi group support, Logged in today looking for some comforting..... smile
Posted By: gen1v6raider

Re: How's everyone doing? - 01/03/20 12:40 PM

Hey small world I live in Cookeville, what year did you guys get out of school?
Posted By: MrJeebs

Re: How's everyone doing? - 01/05/20 04:55 AM

So glad to see y'all posting. I have lurked for a long time, still have my 95LS, and am going to look at a 2000 Montero Endeavor tomorrow. My poor old LS has fatal frame rot. Thank you for maintaining such a wonderful site!
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