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Twin turbo 6g72 swap

Posted By: Loganshero

Twin turbo 6g72 swap - 01/13/20 08:11 PM

Hi guys new member here. I'm planning on doing a twin turbo swap into my 94 3.5DOHC. From searching around it appears it can be done. I'm hoping to hear from someone with first hand experience doing this and what the main obstacles will be. I'm planning on using ecu and wiring harness from 3000gt. Understand probably modify accessory brackets, engine mounts, replumb turbo and cooling. Thinking the oil pan will probably hit front diff. Is this a bad idea? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks guys
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: Twin turbo 6g72 swap - 01/15/20 07:47 AM

Welcome to 4x4wire!

Are you planning to keep your rig smog legal? Your location says Cali.

Steve Myler will have some good tips, as he's done a 6g75 into a Mighty Max.
Posted By: Loganshero

Re: Twin turbo 6g72 swap - 01/16/20 02:20 AM

Thanks I've enjoyed reading countless threads on here and other forums. Lot of knowledge on here. I'm not trying to keep it smog legal. I'll pay a little extra every couple years to get it to pass. I pulled the motor today and realized just how tight my motor sits in bay. Seeing as noone seems to have done the TT 6g72 swap I'm having second thoughts. I'm researching the 1uzef vvti swap and that's were I'm leaning towards now. This is our desert/dune rig so I'm looking for more hp
Posted By: Loganshero

Re: Twin turbo 6g72 swap - 01/20/20 09:22 AM

Ok I picked up a Lexus 4.0 v8 1uzfe and tranny. I would like to hear from anyone who has done this swap. I can get it mounted but I know it's going to be a pain to get new ecu wired up. Any advice would be appreciated.
Posted By: plh

Re: Twin turbo 6g72 swap - 01/20/20 09:29 PM

Toasty is currently in process of doing a 1uzfe swap to his '98 - much of the info will transfer to your '94. His thread is on ExPo https://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/toastys-98-montero-build.205201/
Posted By: Loganshero

Re: Twin turbo 6g72 swap - 01/22/20 09:44 PM

Awesome thank you
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