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Lower ball joint GEN1

Posted By: chadzeilenga

Lower ball joint GEN1 - 03/14/20 06:45 PM

Ok, I’m convinced I’m missing something here, but what is required to change the lower ball joint on a 4WD GEN1? I don’t seem to have the clearance above it to remove as the CV is in the way.
Posted By: 81for91

Re: Lower ball joint GEN1 - 09/16/20 04:57 AM

Not sure how late i am to answer here, but i just replaced all 4 ball joints on my 91. All you need to do is take off the wheel and remove the brake rotor and you should be able to access it. You will probably also need to remove/delink the tie rod ends. It's a good time to change those as well and they come quite cheap.
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