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New Raider owner...sayin hello

Posted By: nonkjo

New Raider owner...sayin hello - 07/21/20 03:06 PM

I just signed up and wanted to get plugged into the community as a new Raider owner. When I was a kid, my local dealer had a red 88 Raider up on an elevated display and I used to walk by and lust after the car. Now I've got one. Complete and 100% original.

I've been looking for a boxy 80's truck for a while now and lean towards Isuzus and Mitsus. There's just something more pure in their simplicity and lack of frills. I spotted my 87 Raider (2.6, auto) on Craigslist and went to take a look. The PO (a retired firefighter) says it's had a top end rebuild but a few years back it quit on him and left him stranded. Was told it had a weak fuel pump so he replaced that (and yes, it looks "newish) but the truck would only run for a few minutes then die. He then figured out that the fuel filter was plugged with a ton of rust from the tank. Since it wasn't a daily driver he kicked the can down the road until finally, a few years later he just lost the desire to fix it. For having sat since about 2016, oil looks good and almost new. Coolant looks new...nice and green, not milky). Trans fluid looks good. It's been sitting on a cement pad by his shop, not out in the weeds. Has the new exhaust (still silver...no rust anywhere). Suspension was rebuilt before parking and the hardware around the end links, bushings, etc are clean and shiny. Has ProComp shocks all around and sits on the chromed steel wheels with 31s. Paint was grimy but I washed it off and now it just needs some polish to remove the oxidation. All the black trim needs to be cleaned and repainted. Body is solid and the only problem I've found is the typical rust spot on top of the rear wheel arches where the seat belt plate sits. Everything else is solid. I figures that even if the guy is a total jerk and lied about the engine, it's still a worth $600 so I took it home.

What I've done? Not much so far. We've had family over from about 6 hours away so it would be rude to be in the garage....right? (wife's opinion, not mine!) So I shot some Marvel Mystery Oil into the dry cylinders. I'll repull the plugs and try turning it by hand today. Hopefully I can get away and pick up a battery, some extra fuel tubing for a temporary fuel line and some clean gas. Then I'll see if the engine will at least fire. I got up early this morning and pulled out the interior to bare floors. I plan on installing some acoustic mat before covering it with vinyl flooring. Because a truck like this shouldn't have carpet. The floor drain plugs are rusted out so I need to figure out where to get those. I need to find a back seat because I don't have one, otherwise I'll have to see if I can get a Jeep TJ rear to fit and fab some bracketry up.

Looking forward to the journey and I'm glad to be here.
Posted By: 87CanadianRaider

Re: New Raider owner...sayin hello - 07/21/20 08:45 PM

Glad to see you here, I'm thinking with the new Bronco out our Raiders/Monteros are gonna be cool again. lol
I'm sure others here can help you with finding parts. I have a few things if you get stuck, but shipping from Canada sucks right now.
Posted By: LRJ4x4

Re: New Raider owner...sayin hello - 07/25/20 03:31 AM

It's been years since I've posted on here. I had a 88 before I got the 98. They are fun and frustrating at the same time.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: New Raider owner...sayin hello - 07/30/20 03:01 AM

Wow! LRJ posts for first time since forever!

Nonkjo, welcome to 4x4wire!

Keep us posted on your progress with the new Raider.
Posted By: KristianJ

Re: New Raider owner...sayin hello - 08/03/20 07:54 AM

Hello there! Welcome to the forum!
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