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Gen 1 rear locker ?

Posted By: Trailmonkey

Gen 1 rear locker ? - 09/26/20 02:29 PM

Looking to see if I can find a spider gear replacement locker, I've searched till my head hurts, all I can find is the Aussie locker for the front. ARB for the rear. I don't want an air locker nor can I afford one.
Don't want a LSD either.
Also do I have a 28 or 31 spline rear ?

91 (gen1) 3.0L V6 Auto..

Or just weld it shut ? It won't see a lot of in town and parking lots, so tire grindidge is OK. Lol
Posted By: ProjectManDan

Re: Gen 1 rear locker ? - 09/27/20 08:21 PM

Sorry, I know that this doesn't really answer your question but why not an air locker?

The most economical way to get a locker (rear at least) is probably to grab a rear trailing arm/axle, and drive shaft assembly (you really only need the diff flange/u-joint yoke adapter part off of this) off of a '95/'96 SR. The little stock actuator air pump is in the jack compartment under the back seat on the passenger side (grab that too). It can be wired up with a simple on/off switch as it has it's own pressure relay built in. With this swap, you'll also gain disc brakes in the rear.

This is what I did on my Gen1, and it's pretty awesome. I think I spent less than $500 on everything including new Siberian bushings, brake pads, etc. The swap was really straight forward too. Only thing to be aware of is that the axle is a bit wider than the original, so the rear tires will stick out an extra inch-ish.
Oh, and apparently there is a changeover of u-joint type/size somewhere in the '95/'96 year. So make sure that you measure yours before taking the yoke/flange adapter. Lots of info about the swap in the TrailTalk archives that can address this though.
Posted By: Trailmonkey

Re: Gen 1 rear locker ? - 09/28/20 10:03 PM

Main reason is I'm disabled and on a very small fixed income, $500 down and $250 a month for the next 8 months is about all I can do to start with, but I can manage $250 to spend on it from time to time.
And didn't notice before but it does have the bouncy seat !!!
I was told this engine does not have any hydrologic valve adjusters. Thought all the 3.0L V6 did ?
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: Gen 1 rear locker ? - 09/29/20 04:17 AM

Nothing hydrologic on the engine. The 6G72 should have hydraulic lifters between the cam and valve head, I've not heard of mechanical lifters for this engine.

If your truck has the bouncy seat base as factory equipment, you already have the LSD, like it or not. This can further be verified with the orange sticker in the driver's door frame...indicating that you need to use the friction modifier.

The 9" rear differential uses 28-spline axles, I believe. The 9.5" rear diff in the later Gen 2 model for sure uses the 31-spline.

I would avoid the Lincoln Locker idea, too much hassle. There are no lunchbox lockers. I am fortunate to have acquired one of the rare Detroit rear diffs for the 9" Mitsubishi axle...very fortunate.
Posted By: Trailmonkey

Re: Gen 1 rear locker ? - 09/29/20 06:08 PM

Thank you very much for the info, and you lucky dog you on that axle/locker setup.
I welded up a front diff on a Samurai, it only got locked in off road and held up fine for it.
I can get an Aussie locker for the front, that and a set of a more aggressive tires, disconnect the rear sway bar to get a bit more flex, it may be good enough.
Guess I'll keep my eye out for a factory air locker..

P.S. if it has a LSD, its very weak . hahahaha

P.S.2.... No orange decal in door jam..
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: Gen 1 rear locker ? - 09/30/20 02:32 AM

No decal, no LSD, and a wayward bouncy seat for yours.

Good hunting!
Posted By: Trailmonkey

Re: Gen 1 rear locker ? - 09/30/20 03:23 PM

I'm more into cleaning and fixing up the interior right now.
Found carpet and seat covers.
Plan on removing the rear seat, install a plywood floor covered in the same carpet as the front floor pan.
Should look and work nice. Head liner looks great.
Replace door panels with alum diamond plate.
Relocate drivers switch panel so I can mount a grab handle .
Lots to be done, but as soon as I get my tag I'm taking it out for some trail riding.
Posted By: B_Line

Re: Gen 1 rear locker ? - 10/01/20 03:25 PM

Check to see if you have the orange sticker in your door. Likely you do. There is the option of going Hybrid LSD too, but those are pretty hard to find.
Posted By: Trailmonkey

Re: Gen 1 rear locker ? - 10/01/20 03:29 PM

No orange sticker.
Posted By: MontyMcV

Re: Gen 1 rear locker ? - 10/17/20 03:14 AM

Where are you, and can you get help for junk yard digging? The Gen 2 factory air locker can be found for a couple $hundred, especially in a U-Pull yard. Lots of info on the swap, which isn't very difficult.

On on your bouncy vs. LSD, do you have headlight washer? If so, would be really odd to bot have the LSD. If not, you likely have a swapped in boucy.

Lastly, when it comes to working on your rig, be sure to grab an FSM (Factory Service Manual). Don't rely on Chilton/Haynes.
Posted By: Trailmonkey

Re: Gen 1 rear locker ? - 10/20/20 02:46 AM

No head light washer.
I need to get a FSM for sure.

Also, does mine have the 54mm hex or 2 prong socket for the front wheel bearing nut ?
Says Jun 90 on the door jam sticker. But is titled as a 91.
Posted By: MontyMcV

Re: Gen 1 rear locker ? - 10/20/20 03:30 AM

54mm would be ~2" nut. I have not seen a nut that big on any Montero I've had. Sounds like you are talking about the bearing retaining lock ring. It is a two prong tool. Most people get a six prong for a Chevy pickup, 3/4 ton IIRC, and grind off four of them. It used to be around $15 at car part chains. The Mitsu tool is way more money.

Sounds like you have a swapped in bouncy then. The package was known as the off-road package and had the bouncy, HL washers, are rear LSD.

You can download an FSM from MitsubishiLinks.com.
Posted By: Trailmonkey

Re: Gen 1 rear locker ? - 10/20/20 05:46 PM

Yes the retaining nut for the bearings. I keep seeing a 54mm socket when I Google for it.
So a Chevy 3/4 ton in what year range ? Or doesn't matter ?

Beings I'm in a wheelchair and the Monty being as high as it is. I've thought about rigging up a hydrologic jack to the seat, lower it to get in and raise it when in. Hmmm gonna think on that one.
I've welded a mount onto the steering column for my hand controls already.
Won't be long and I can take it out off roading. Wheel bearing needs repacked or replaced. Won't know that till I open it up lol.
Posted By: Trailmonkey

Re: Gen 1 rear locker ? - 10/20/20 05:50 PM

Guess it's ok to link to my post. It won't let me upload the pics on here. Go to the last post and there's the pics of the controls.

Posted By: Trailmonkey

Re: Gen 1 rear locker ? - 10/20/20 06:14 PM

Ok I'll get the 6 prong socket and order a full rebuild for the front bearings, no matter what I'll put in new bearings and seal, may even do the needle bearing just because.
Save all the old stuff as spares.

Now for the rear outer bearings. From what my book shows is another bearing retaining nut like the front ?!?!
Google pics shows a press on ..

What's right ? Looks to be tapered roller type as well.
Posted By: MontyMcV

Re: Gen 1 rear locker ? - 10/21/20 04:01 PM

My front axle tool is from Performance Tool, item W83010. I am sure it came from one of the chains here in Cleveland OH. The remaining pins measure 2-3/8 on center from each other.

I have not done any rear axle work. From what I recall on those who have, it's a pressed on bearing. I think the FSM even has procedures for cutting off the old ones.
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