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Positive Camber ? Why ?

Posted By: Trailmonkey

Positive Camber ? Why ? - 11/11/20 04:29 PM

Positive camber creates stability, i get that. But i hate the look of it and wont it wear the outside of the tires ? And after a turn and i let up on the steering wheel it returns to center, factory knows best, but i still dont care for it.
Any harm in changing it ?
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: Positive Camber ? Why ? - 11/11/20 09:50 PM

The last front end alignment I had on my 87 Raider, the tech set the caster to 1 degree. The area that I lived in, then, had badly crowned roads and it made no sense to have too much positive adjustment. I put 60K miles on afterward with no appreciable to tire difference. I don't think your eye would pick up on the caster difference as easily as camber. My $0.02.
Posted By: Trailmonkey

Re: Positive Camber ? Why ? - 11/13/20 05:57 PM

Was reading that alot of people just go with 0* camber.
Ive not had the chance to see what shims it has. When i do the brake rotors and wheel bearings ill see.
So long as the bolts ar long enough ill try and get it at 0*...
Also set toe at 0 instead of what ever it is now, definitely toe in what ever it is..
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