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U Joint Size.

Posted By: Trailmonkey

U Joint Size. - 11/19/20 04:50 PM

1990 Automatic transmission.

I can only find out the front and rear shaft are different sizes, but for the life of me cant find what size it is ..
Anyone know ?
Posted By: Trailmonkey

Re: U Joint Size. - 11/24/20 02:42 PM

I mean i know my last truck had 1330 fronts and 1350 rears but this being a Mitsu i know it has to be some metric version i would think.

When i get new ones i can measure them, i see the part numbers, but as with a Spicer i know them by the size like said 1330-1350.

Do imports use the same ?
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: U Joint Size. - 11/25/20 02:09 AM

Your internet parts sources:

1. partsouq.com
2. rockauto.com
3. mitsubishipartswarehouse.com

The sizes are meaningless, unless you're building driveshafts. Spicer does not carry Mitsubishi u-joints any longer.
Posted By: Trailmonkey

Re: U Joint Size. - 11/25/20 01:57 PM

Yeah i can get a full Moog replacement set, it was a curiosity thing wanting to know if these are sized like or are the same as say 1330-1350....

Just to get a replacement doesnt help one learn about his truck. I know im weird.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: U Joint Size. - 11/26/20 12:47 AM

The 1330 is probably closest in size, reserving the 1350 for bigger trucks. U-joint failure is not common on the Mitsus, unlike my 75 Dodge W200 that I changed from 1310 to 1350.

We are down with weird.
Posted By: Trailmonkey

Re: U Joint Size. - 11/26/20 01:25 AM

I just replaced both front brake rotors and pads, wheel bearings and seals, rebuilt the calipers.
Wish i could have went ahead and pulled the CV axles out and done boots and seals while i had it on jack stands.
But $$$
Did hit grease fittings.
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