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Vet over his Head

Posted By: SATXGuy

Vet over his Head - 01/02/21 05:07 AM

Happy New Year All! I'm looking for ideas on a $1k Montero Craigslist purchase. This vehicle has been in my driveway for a few months and its time to see if I can get it runnin' for my two teen drivers. I'm not an expert, just looking for a cool vehicle for my kids to drive locally. The engine is 'knockin' below. The guy I bought it from had it for about 15 years and he did a timing belt job - I think that's what screwed the engine. Are any of you savvy on engines that would work for around $3k? I'm in over my head.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: Vet over his Head - 01/03/21 06:45 PM

Knocking is not good, any time. Please let your audience know some more about your rig: year, model, etc.
Posted By: chadzeilenga

Re: Vet over his Head - 01/04/21 03:56 PM

Are you sure it's knocking from the crankshaft and not the valvetrain? These engines commonly have noisy Valve Lash Adjusters (Lifters).

I was quoted about $2800 for a rebuild on my engine after I had pulled it. I ended up putting in a good used engine instead.
Posted By: zarktheshark

Re: Vet over his Head - 02/05/21 04:48 AM

If it is a 2.6L, it could be normal smile At least mine seemed louder than what I thought it should be compared to other 4bangers. Last I looked, a long block from Oreily's was around 2k. just a thought.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: Vet over his Head - 02/09/21 03:36 AM

Rod knock is low toned, from down low. Noisy lifter tick sounds like a sewing machine.

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