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‘89 Monty SWB - 1100 idle at start, -500 eventual

Posted By: BrooklynOpus

‘89 Monty SWB - 1100 idle at start, -500 eventual - 01/04/21 03:14 PM

Hey Gang,

I’m new to the site, and still learning how to navigate it. Have a couple of issues that I’m sure have been addressed at some point in here, but due to time constraints thought I would throw it out on the table again here.

1989 Montero SWB
Pretty original. Gold paint.
Solid daily driver.

Issue 1 trying to resolve:

Upon start up for the day, after warm up and getting to operating temp, the idle is high at 1100. After driving for a while, or after a 200m trip let’s say, it will idle at 500 or less, and stall once put under load.

Issue 2 trying to resolve:

Tranny is leaking. Yet to crawl underneath, but any typical leak info would be great to steer me. Also, getting into park suddenly isn’t smooth.

Issue 3 trying to resolve:

Upon start up, a bit of smoke. But immediately clears and none for rest of day. Today, started up on a steep hill. Blew smoke consistently while warming, did not thin out and stop. Not the usual clearing of the throat.

Thanks in advance for any insights!

Posted By: BrooklynOpus

Re: ‘89 Monty SWB - 1100 idle at start, -500 eventual - 01/04/21 03:46 PM


Pulled it out onto a flat street surface, ran for about ten minutes, and smoking stopped.

But any ideas are appreciated.
I’m guessing oil from head thru a loose valve.
But any ideas.


Posted By: chadzeilenga

Re: ‘89 Monty SWB - 1100 idle at start, -500 eventual - 01/04/21 03:51 PM

Hi Eric,
Welcome to the site. There is a lot of good info on here. I daily my 89 LWB. I'll take a stab at your issues:
1. Likely a dirty IACV. They are part of the Throttle Body and can be removed and cleaned. Is the idle bouncing at all?
2. Could be a pan gasket or seal. Mine leaks and I have changed the pan gasket. It's likely a seal that I haven't gotten to replacing. Be sure to be adding SPIII fluid. There are a few options other than dealer for this.
3. Likely bad valve seals, it's common on these. Some live with it and keep an eye on oil level, but they can be changed with the heads on the engine using the rope method (feed a bunch of rope into the cylinder and then compress it with piston to hold valve up when doing the seal)

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