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torsion bar question

Posted By: tcb762

torsion bar question - 01/12/21 11:02 PM

I have been reading on this forum of parts that swap from a gen 2 Montero into a gen 1 Montero. Someone posted the 91-92 torsion bars out of a 4 door would swap into the 2 door Monteros. My specific question is this, why? Is the torsion bar out of the 4 door specked out to a higher spring rate due to the vehicle being heavier? What is the benefit of doing it? Currently I have a 84 Montero as a project and am swapping the brakes off a gen 2 onto it. I grabbed the upper control arms as well, wondering if I should grab the lower control arms and torsion bars, hence my question. Thanks in advance for the thoughts.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: torsion bar question - 01/14/21 02:07 AM

Welcome to 4x4wire!

The Gen 2 t-bar is, I believe, a progressive rate. I swapped Gen 1 4-door springs into a 2-door and found no difference in ride or handling. You might give this a try and report back?

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