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Weber Carb Unknown Parts

Posted By: Spduffee

Weber Carb Unknown Parts - 05/13/21 08:29 PM

Hi All,
In my Weber Carb box I received these two hefty, nicely machined plugs.
They seem too important to be ignored. Where should they go? What are they for?

Thanks, Shawn

Posted By: 4x4Wire

Re: Weber Carb Unknown Parts - 05/14/21 01:02 AM

Well, as you are posting images from a limited access google drive account, don't expect a response....
Posted By: Lev_from_CA

Re: Weber Carb Unknown Parts - 05/14/21 01:53 AM

There's a Haynes Techbook on Weber carbs from the 90s that has a lot of expanded diagrams and tuning info. If you can get your hands on a copy, it may be of help. I've bought eight Haynes techbooks from eBay for $5-$15 each, so check there.
Posted By: Spduffee

Re: Weber Carb Unknown Parts - 05/14/21 03:13 AM

Thanks for the replies.
I have posted photos on the drive before with no problem. Were you not able to open them?
Anyway, I found out they are for plugging the exhaust manifold where the emissions thing screwed into.
Wish I would have known that before I welded them shut. Same difference, I guess.
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