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New LED headlight issue.

Posted By: Trailmonkey

New LED headlight issue. - 08/20/21 03:28 PM

I'm having an issue, high beam works, no low beam, now I can take the high beam wire, swap it to the low beam plug and when I turn the high beam switch on, I get low beam. So I know the low works, no flickering or anything. So I tried hooking just the low beam directly to the battery (with switch on dash) and high beam back up, still no low beam..
How is it no matter what my high beam wire turns on either the low or high (depending on which I hook to) but just low won't work ? If it needs a register, wouldn't it also not work when I hook the high beam wire up ?

I've never been great at diagnosing electrical stuff, but now my mind just can't seem to deal with this. Stumps the piss out of me.
Posted By: Trailmonkey

Re: New LED headlight issue. - 08/21/21 03:54 PM

High beam wire to high beam plug, ground to ground, new low beam from battery and switch no worky till I directly ground the ground plug to the body. Low beam via my new switch works, turn light switch on via the column and high beams stay on no matter the position. But with the column switch off I can flash the high beam on/off.

It's working now but I still don't understand the deal with high beam

Damn thing is haunted I tell ya.
Posted By: Mudraider

Re: New LED headlight issue. - 08/23/21 05:32 PM

Mitsubishi lights operate off switching from lo/high with negative switching. Most other vehicles operate with a positive switched set up. You need an adapter harness that converts from negative switching to positive switching.
It's about $25 for a nice tidy harness adapter.

Posted By: Trailmonkey

Re: New LED headlight issue. - 08/24/21 04:30 PM

So I can't make LEDs work unless I get that kit ?
This is why a regular bulb works as it doesn't care about +/- sides, but LEDs are only one way.
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