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Scar Stolen

Posted By: rxinhed

Scar Stolen - 08/26/21 01:30 AM

So far, last picture of Scar the Cylon Raider. Scar was stolen between 12:00 and 4:30 pm today, along with the bread mixer.

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Posted By: Trailmonkey

Re: Scar Stolen - 08/26/21 01:52 AM

Wow.. sorry man, hope you can get it back.
Posted By: Mudraider

Re: Scar Stolen - 08/27/21 01:43 PM

I gave you my thoughts. Deep holes.
Posted By: JAVYPRO

Re: Scar Stolen - 09/27/21 10:01 PM

Daaang!!! it will be so good to catch them in the act. For target practice, research purposes, you know.
Ja y
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