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Transmission Woes

Posted By: jdavis

Transmission Woes - 10/26/21 03:16 AM

Hi All,

My 1994 (Engine)\1995(Body) SR has been having some transmission problems for a while now. I took it to a transmission shop but they did not have anything hook up to pull codes. They did say the TPS was bad and replacing that has helped a little bit.

What is happening:

* Does not go into over-drive
* Was going into over-drive, after hitting the switch to put it into HOLD. That method stopped working on a trip from Seattle to Baja..... drove from the tip of Baja to Seattle in third gear
* Stacks shifts - shifts from 1st to 3rd in about 3 seconds
* Does not down-shift
* When shifter in 1st gear will shift to 2nd gear
* When shifting from 1st to 2nd, revs up like in neutral then slips into 2nd gear which it was already in
* Blue wire broken (I think) on the plug for the transmission. Plug sits on the passenger side of transmission.... maybe TMS

What have I done for troubleshooting:

* Swapped transmission. The transmission was a little wonky when I bought it. Then I cooked it a few times on the trail. So figured I would just swap with a known-working transmission. After swap same symptoms occurring
* Replaced TPS
* Replaced temperature sensor
* Tried soldering blue wire together. Likely need to find a plug from another Montero and splice it in

I am out of troubleshooting ideas. Open to any suggestions from the excellent mind hive here.

Kind regards,
~ Jon
Posted By: OldColt

Re: Transmission Woes - 10/27/21 07:44 AM

One curiosity, What fluid do you run.

The TPS will affect the engine far more that the transmission.
The cable to the transmission will affect shifting especially if it does not slide smooth.
Posted By: Mudraider

Re: Transmission Woes - 10/27/21 02:03 PM

Go to mitsubishilinks.com and take look at the Manual for your truck. There is a lot more diagnostic steps in there than the 3 you have listed. Sorry, don't have the time to write them all down for you.
Posted By: johnsky

Re: Transmission Woes - 11/03/21 06:21 AM

It sounds like the transmission is in a limp mode due to electronic control of the transmission being impaired in some way. I've had a fairly similar set of symptoms occur on my 95 sr a few times. It was an electrical cause each time in my case. A couple times it happened after doing some work on the center gauge cluster. At some point a short occurred and blew a fuse. Some of the electronic control functions for the transmission must have been on this fuse circuit. Transmission wouldn't go into overdrive. I believe I was also lacking 1st gear. The 3rd time a stick popped up between the transmission and floor pan and tore a few solenoid wires loose on the wiring harness.
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