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monty build thread

Posted By: motero

monty build thread - 11/30/21 07:57 PM

so I bought a 3rd gen Montero limited, it has the 5speed automatic transmission, the annoying electric super select, and a limited slip that might not work. so far I've put new shocks, a throttle position sensor, a bunch of super select switches, (aftermarket switches only sometimes work so i keep getting them warrantied in hopes that one or two switches from each set will work so if i buy 5 sets of mostly bad switches ill get 1 set of good ones) and a few new tires. this Montero was my grandpas, but he didn't want to fix it anymore so it just sat in his yard for a few years. the next few things i want to do with it is make a better skid plate because it just has plastic ones, and take it up crown king.
Posted By: motero

Re: monty build thread - 01/24/22 03:29 PM

ok so i went up crown king with this Montero, it couldn't make it over some boulders so we had to turn around and take another road to crown king, and on this little side road (it goes from the crown king trail to senator highway) i got hit by a side by side. he was going too fast and slid into the Montero, but the only thing he hurt was the corner of the bumper, some brackets that hold the plastic on, and a fog light. i guess its time for a custom bumper, i was thinking of making one like this guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qhd13-yJlIQ

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Posted By: JohnnyBfromPeoria

Re: monty build thread - 02/16/22 03:52 PM

I just saw this! Welcome back, buddy!

John B.
Posted By: Mudraider

Re: monty build thread - 02/16/22 08:16 PM

Nice seeing names from long ago pop up.
Posted By: JohnnyBfromPeoria

Re: monty build thread - 02/17/22 06:29 PM

Reading on in another thread, it's his son, using his old account.

John B.
Posted By: motero

Re: monty build thread - 03/08/22 12:18 AM

yeah i am motero's son

and Monty's about to get a new timing belt
Posted By: motero

Re: monty build thread - 03/09/22 08:25 PM

so i took the timing cover off (i was searching for a noise and the source of a rattling feeling in the radiator hoses) and i found the tensioner was ded so the belt was just flapping around in there
it didnt make the noise when i bought it. when i got in there the passenger side cam was off four teeth although i never noticed a change in how it ran. has anyone else had these engines run alright while timed wrong? also the engine still has good compression and spins fine so i don't think i munched any valves

heres a video of the tensioner as the engine spins
Posted By: keetz

Re: monty build thread - 03/10/22 01:41 PM

mine was super loose too when I bought it and I didn't catch it until a week later. I also ran across a youtube video of a later model (a believe it was a gen2 ) that had been driving around with a broken tensioner and the belt was still being driven but off time by a tooth or two. The owner complained that the acceleration felt sluggish but otherwise it drove down the road and sounded fine... not sure those anecdotes constitute this being common but from my extremely limited experience, that makes at least three of them that I know about.
I'm definitely getting another non-interference engine to replace the original with when I do it. (not that I PLAN on being lazy - but ...you know.....ha)
Posted By: motero

Re: monty build thread - 03/10/22 03:21 PM

yeah I've driven mine about 30 miles with it rattling maybe more and it ran fine
its a Montero it always felt sluggish but i don't know if its always been out of time or just got out in the past few days
mines a 3rd gen so it only has 2 cams instead of 4
Posted By: motero

Re: monty build thread - 03/10/22 09:50 PM

well i put the timing belt on and monty ran great! i still need coolant and a radiator (the old radiator was full of corrosion)
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