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'87 Raider vacuum diagram

Posted By: Nibletoid

'87 Raider vacuum diagram - 10/29/04 03:47 AM

I am finally getting back to this project. I have not been able to find a good diagram for the vacuum lines. I am considering buying a subscpiption to AllData.com for a good diagram. Does anyone know where to get a good diagram? Has anyone ever used AllData.com services?
Posted By: wyleone

Re: '87 Raider vacuum diagram - 10/29/04 04:52 AM

I have used Alldata, several years ago @ the import shop I worked for. It had very good diagrams for both electrical and vacuum. It's a good resource, but expensive. I had heard that you can buy time at Autozone and they will give you a code, then you go to Alldata.com. I am not sure if this is accurate though. I do remember that the price was resonable. I would say that this is the best place to go if no one "chimes in" with what you need. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/patriot.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: MontyMcV

Re: '87 Raider vacuum diagram - 10/29/04 05:00 AM

What's up? I've been wondering how you were fairing. Not seeing you around had me worried you weren't working on that motor.

In the 87 FSM, they have a drawing that is pretty decent, but not perfectly detailed. Then there is also a schematic for th vacuum lines. I can get them scanned and posted if no one else them ready to roll.
Posted By: don

Re: '87 Raider vacuum diagram - 10/29/04 06:19 AM

Follow the "Gen 1 armour" link in my signature.
I made the diagrams from my `87.
Posted By: Nibletoid

Re: '87 Raider vacuum diagram - 10/30/04 04:18 AM

Thanks for the help! Don, those diagrams are great. I will be at work on the old girl again this weekend. I have the engine back in, the head is on. I am ready, I hope, to put the trans and transfer case back in. From there it is the SMALL DETAILS!
I will try to keep you informed on the progress. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/lol.gif" alt="" /> The guy I bought the truck from is still not convinced it will live again. Just one more reason to prove him wrong! (he used to be my boss)
Posted By: dadrab

Re: '87 Raider vacuum diagram - 10/30/04 12:56 PM

Those really are good diagrams.

...Wish I had them that good for a turbo...

Thanks Don.
Posted By: don

Re: '87 Raider vacuum diagram - 10/30/04 05:54 PM

Hey guys, glad to see they're of use!
Posted By: jamesfirstgen

Re: '87 Raider vacuum diagram - 06/28/16 01:01 AM

By any chance are those diagrams still available???
Posted By: fasteddy

Re: '87 Raider vacuum diagram - 06/28/16 04:52 PM

Mitsubishilinks.com, factory service manual.
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