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Posted By: catman25

HUGE GAIN IN PERFORMANCE (or im dumb) - 11/29/07 01:01 AM

welll notice driving latly has been crappy, Hesitation, excessive feeling at idle..and lack of brake..Like its edging to keep going (stuck throttle like) .Well the other night it got to the point where when i stopped it would act like it was gonna stall.Well get home and lift the hood and right away notice a air gasping sound..The sensor on the air intake pipe facing you ..well one screw was missing and the other was half out and the sensor was moved to the side and allowing more air in..quickly got new screws and retignened and wow this baby is quick ..lol....And it purs.... Sorry i thought it was funny!
Posted By: DSHornet

Re: HUGE GAIN IN PERFORMANCE (or im dumb) - 12/08/07 04:35 AM

If you're talking about the aluminum tube going into the throttle body, the MAF (mass air flow) sensor in the big tube between the air filter housing and the TB was starved for air and messing up your fuel/air mixture. That would screw things up ferr sure.
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