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T-case destruction

Posted By: Lou

T-case destruction - 03/18/08 05:43 PM

..mmm...sharing these with you all
after some repair on the front end, hubs, bearing and the like, this happened to "manika"
she was told the U-joint near T-case snapped because of corrosion . ha-ha.. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/lol.gif" alt="" />
My interpretation is the other end got loose for bolts that were forgotten untightened, shaft got loose fron the front, was jammed on the road and jacked up the T-case (see how the damage moved components upwards) then snapped the U-joint when past 90 or the like.
Posted By: Dave Scott

Re: T-case destruction - 03/18/08 06:27 PM

i was going to say, it looks like the driveshaft got pushed back into the t-case, before i read what you wrote. that's a lot of damage, it had to have been something pretty severe.
Posted By: Lou

Re: T-case destruction - 03/22/08 01:59 PM

THis lady asking if someone has a spare T-case for sale ?
...it is for an AUTO ..and the lady lives in Canada, St-Catherines, ONtario...
By the way, why wouldn't the auto T-case have a Neutral position...anyway ??? IN fact, it has...but has no clickstop to keep the lever in that position....
Posted By: Dave Scott

Re: T-case destruction - 03/24/08 02:00 PM

because the transmission has a neutral position. i know, doesn't make sense, why not build all the t-cases the same and who cares if the tranny has a neutral or not- well, liability- someone may not know they are in neutral in the t-case or tranny and shift one, but forget the other and lawsuits start when vehicles roll down the street, trail, cliff, etc. on their own....

ps- i have one for sale- just gotta put it back together. was gonna build a doubler with it, but not anymore. keep all the bolts and junk from your original because this one may be missing one or 2. pm me for price, if you're interested....
Posted By: bombardj1

Re: T-case destruction - 03/24/08 02:23 PM

would like to see the diff. side of the shaft to see if the yolk flange is on it, if it is the bolts came loose, if not then the u-joint broke. all the photo's look to be the t-case side.
Posted By: Lou

Re: T-case destruction - 03/24/08 05:00 PM

Yes indeed I already asked for photos of the other end.... still waiting..
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