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gas tanks

Posted By: itswrongway

gas tanks - 03/30/08 12:13 AM

My gas tank is leaking could anyone tell me where I can get a replacement tank without going to the dealer and paying through the nose for it ? ( 97 sportage 4x4 ex )
Posted By: scott473

Re: gas tanks - 03/30/08 12:56 AM

go to the dealer and ask them to do a check and see if yours is under a recall. also ask them if it is to keep the shield off.
Posted By: DEFBOY35

Re: gas tanks - 03/30/08 01:30 AM

as said go to the dealership, it was an american recall for the sporty's. were is it leaking exactly?

if it is leaking at the tank seam it should be under the recall. if it is the top nylon fitting on top of the fuel pump, that is a recall as well.
Posted By: scott473

Re: gas tanks - 04/01/08 02:06 PM

They also did my seat belts and the first cat under recall also.
Posted By: itswrongway

Re: gas tanks - 04/05/08 01:08 AM

I took the kia to the dealer for the gas tank leak and the seat belts. the belts they changed. the gas tank they did not change because they said the recall is for a puncture on the bottom of the tank and does not cover the seam. does anyone know specificly what the gas tank recall covers ? this dealer I went to didn't even call me to tell me they didn't change the tank or ask me what I would like to do. I need as much info I can get about this gas tank recall. any help would be greet. thanks to everyone who can help.
Posted By: DEFBOY35

Re: gas tanks - 04/05/08 04:42 AM

they changed mine because it was leaking at the seam!
i cant remember were it is in the forum, but if you do a search for gas tank stuff in the kia section here, there should be a post by lou i think it was that has the pdf on the recall with all the info. thats what i emailed to my dealership to get them to do the american recall for me.
Posted By: Shaar

Re: gas tanks - 04/05/08 12:29 PM

Looks like you may be SOL unless you find a nicer dealer...

Here's the PDF of the TSB; you may have to log into KGIS to access this, i had to.

Posted By: itswrongway

Re: gas tanks - 04/05/08 01:58 PM

Shaar, the info you gave me on the gas tank was a big help and I thank You very much. I called another dealer that is about 25 miles from me and did get a much more helpfull responce then the ahole place 2 blocks from me. but it does look like I may be sol. I really wont know until monday when I call the good dealer back. He said he would help me out even if I had to replace the tank myself by selling me a new tank for 1/3 the cost with every thing needed for the job. THANKS again.
Posted By: Iron

Re: gas tanks - 04/05/08 02:11 PM

There is more than one recall on the tank, one for the guard, one for punctures, one for seam rust and one for fittings!

this tread covers a few of them Free Gas Tanks! You live in one of the 21 magical states where the tanks were recalled due to salt corrosion, so you should have no problem!

But check the Kia Tech site (Global Service ways) do some homework, get to TSB numbers, go back to the dealer when they are busy! present the recall info to them, if they still won't help, in a loud voice so everyone can hear question the fact they know their product is decfective, and have recalled it, but why won't they replace yours ??? The squeeky wheel gets the oil!
Posted By: jaybur

Re: gas tanks - 04/05/08 02:58 PM

if you live in a state that has the recall and they wont do it, a call to headquarters is in order. that is complete BS if the say that "can't" or "won't" do it. If you meet the recalls specs (like the tank is leaking) then they have to do it! even the "nice" dealer should have said yea bring it in, not well 1/3 the cost BS.

the techs hate warranty work, it pays less, The dealership I worked at, the techs would whine the whole time while doing warranty work, they would say that the book gave them less time to do it in than if it wasn't warranty. Not sure how that works, as I was just the oil changer guy back then.

do not let this go! the company has a responsibility to do what they say they will do.

good luck! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/mrt.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Lou

Re: gas tanks - 04/05/08 04:44 PM

..ehhh..mine just started leaking again. I did a repair last summer as here in Canada they say the recall is just about a nylon pipe they change on the pump module...but someone from Ste-Catherines Ontario got his changed for free last year. ...will try the "squeeky wheel" way again....
Posted By: Iron

Re: gas tanks - 04/05/08 05:03 PM

Defboy just got his changed and he's here in Edmonton, I talked to the guy at my dealership and I can get mine changed also, to bad it's not leaking!
Posted By: DEFBOY35

Re: gas tanks - 04/06/08 05:08 PM

is it leaking at the tank or at the pump.
i had my pump fitting start leaking last year, and had fixed it. just last week i had my tank replaced under the american recall, i think it helped my situation that my truck originally came from down east were they use the salt. it was leaking at the tank seam, and as well at the fuel pump nylon fitting again!.
Posted By: xjeepr

Re: gas tanks - 04/07/08 04:22 AM

Had the dealer here in Calgary run my VIN & since my Sporty was originally sold here it does'nt fall under the recall. Only recall that shows up for mine has something to do with the heater control. Also emailed Kia Canada asking about recalls & they said the same thing <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />.

Guess on the upside...if it aint broke don't fix it <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />.
Posted By: turtleskia

Re: gas tanks - 04/13/08 09:35 PM

if you replace the tank yourself, make sure you have the correct one. i had to replace the tank on my old sportage and was sold the wrong one. all the tanks are built the same on the first gen. but the internal baffles are different after 97, i ended up cutting the back half of the baffle. the baffle and the fuel pumps were changed after 97.
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