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Heater blower fan.

Posted By: BigR61

Heater blower fan. - 03/30/08 04:33 PM

Hi,the heater blower fan on my 99 Sporty only works on the highest setting #4. I know that if the fuse was blown it wouln't work at all, but checked just in case and they are all ok. Is there some kind of resistor or relay that controls the speed for the fan or did the switch go bad? Thanks.
Posted By: dorkpunch

Re: Heater blower fan. - 03/30/08 05:49 PM

its the switch. mine did the same thing, took the switch apart to find it had melted inside and would only contact on the high setting. Bought a "new" switch from a salvage yard and it worked fine. It is NOT fun to replace though!
Posted By: jaybur

Re: Heater blower fan. - 03/30/08 07:01 PM

there has to be a resistor for the motor to spin slower speeds, so they usually put them in the air box to help keep them cool, so it may be a switch or the resistor. I don't know much about the electronics in the sportage.

this is an image off rockauto www.rockauto.com goes for $50.89 on that site.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: Everet

Re: Heater blower fan. - 03/30/08 07:06 PM

The resistor is above the feet of passenger. I think the extra one that I sold was blue alum heat sink. Get a flash light and look below the glove box. The switch is a pain to change but not impossible. about a 2 cocktail job.

Good luck.
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Posted By: BigR61

Re: Heater blower fan. - 03/30/08 09:21 PM

Took the switch out and apart and it's good, it not melted(fairly simple to remove) tried to make the other speeds work bridging it with a piece of wire and still only the highest setting is the only one that works. I'm guessing that there's no way to test the resistor so will probably have to get one. Thanks for the help!
Posted By: bombardj1

Re: Heater blower fan. - 03/30/08 10:30 PM

www.kiaparts.com has it in the cat.

Mechanical Catalog
Item Number MSRP Core Price Price
0K08A61R20S $37.76
Hvac - Controls - Blower motor - Resistor
Resistor, sportage 1998 - 2002
Posted By: bombardj1

Re: Heater blower fan. - 03/30/08 10:39 PM

you could also check the harness to the blower motor unplug it and test to see if you get different volts at the setting if you do I would bet the blower motor windings or internal diods are bad
Posted By: bombardj1

Re: Heater blower fan. - 03/30/08 11:08 PM

if you only get volts at high and no volts the the resistor of switch, if you do get a volts change the blow motor is bad
Posted By: jaybur

Re: Heater blower fan. - 03/31/08 01:46 AM

the blower motor should make a sound like a bearing going out if it was to that stage, and the reason it works on high is that its a straight connection , as in FULL voltage. the resistor is needed to reduce the voltage, therefore making the motor spin slower, and they get pretty hot in the process, so it needs to be in the path of air flow.

I know the same thing happened to me in my old ranger, and it was the resistor.

you SHOULD get voltage at the harness on all settings, its the output to the blower motor that is fed through the resistor itself. (except on max) <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/butwiggle.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: oul053

Re: Heater blower fan. - 03/31/08 09:17 AM

test the resistor for continuity find where speed 4 is and test that then work from there.
Posted By: bombardj1

Re: Heater blower fan. - 04/04/08 03:16 PM

Mt wifes blower motor froze up last week, ordered one on ebay I had to drive her 1 morning to work because of frost on her windows. it came yesterday before I left for work I installed it last night after work I hooked it up before mounting it to make sure it worked, it only worked on high, so I pulled the resistor switch and the two end tabs had come unloose, most have been when it froose up before it blow the fuse, so I had to dig out my soldering iron resolder the tabs down and it worked. on the 2001 's that we have the blower motor is a piece of cake to do.

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