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Keyless problem

Posted By: Lou

Keyless problem - 09/27/08 05:42 PM

This post from "guest" Duke the Man.... I told him to look here for an answer....

"Hi all!
First of all sorry for my bad english , I am from Romania and i own a 1998 Kia Sportage.
The keyless remote has failed and the doors remain locked ,after i unlocked them with the key i tryed to start the engine and i diden`t start ,the check light is on and starter is spining the engine.
In my town there are only 3 kias and the nearest dealear is 80 miles away.
I dont have a code reader and i don`t know from where to buy it and i need to know what type of port i need.
Everyone told me that the computer is the fault.tomorow i will start working on it trying to figure it out.
please help me with some advices or anything,

nice greetings!
Posted By: DuketheMan

Re: Keyless problem - 09/29/08 02:48 PM

Thx for the help Lou!
Today while i was working on my kia (reconditioning interior) i`ve discovered the fuel pump if that is located under the rear seat on the fuel tank.I understand that the fuel pomp should start when i turn ignition on and i tryed that with a friend but no noise or vibration from the pump.Voltmeter shows only 7 volts.
Now could the pump be the fault or the the keyless remote failure is blocking the pump?could the anti-theft system be blocking it?
Posted By: Lou

Re: Keyless problem - 09/30/08 05:24 PM

I have no keyless nor antitheft on mine so no joy with that issue. However, I noticed recently that the fuel pump would not run until the engine is actually cranked with the starter. I thought the pump would run for a second on the first "key ON" --and there are several references to that--- and may be that is the case....but I think as soon as the first "primer" has been fired, the pump needs to see engine cranking and will not prime any more at KEY ON unless some time has gone without activity....all this, for sure, to avoid flooding the engine.
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