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Posted By: Lou

UFO - 03/14/09 04:01 AM

This Unidentified Funny Object, hard rubber, seems to have escaped from Sporty 2000 engine during complete overhaul..but the owner cannot find its intended destination. Someone has an idea ?
[Linked Image]
Posted By: k120189

Re: UFO - 03/14/09 04:11 AM

screams suspension. doubt its a bump stop then again i wouldnt know i never had them to begin with. i dont know of anything on the engine that would be like that. where did you find it and can u guess where abouts it fell off the kia?
Posted By: bombardj1

Re: UFO - 03/14/09 02:29 PM

give size next to a machinist rule and differnet views.
if it is small enough could it be a head valve oil seal ?
Posted By: Lou

Re: UFO - 03/15/09 09:33 PM

..Same questions that I had...I've invited the interested third party to come here and provide more details.
Posted By: Everet

Re: UFO - 03/16/09 03:17 AM

Could it be one of the bump stops for the hood with the center torn out?
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