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Power Window relay

Posted By: Lou

Power Window relay - 07/31/09 07:58 PM

Sporty2000. PwrWindow relay passed away..I know where it is, under dash panel, left of steering column, ...but how do you reach it? I see it from the bottom leftest dash panel partially pulled out..but there is still one plastic part of that panel that is stuck under the crash bag panel (that I did not try to remove yet)...and I cannot get a hand to grab that relay....any one with experience on this?
Posted By: londart

Re: Power Window relay - 08/01/09 07:51 AM

well i thought you could just reach up from underneath but maybe not..the knee bolster comes undone fairly easily though... theres 4 plastic bolts that hold on the actual bolster and then 4 nuts that hold on the metal piece that holds the airbag, you can access these thru the bolster underneath the plastic plugs in the bolster...you might be able to reach the last screw for the left panel just by undoing the bolster and not the airbag, i dont quite remember...good luck
Posted By: Lou

Re: Power Window relay - 08/03/09 03:39 PM

Indeed, I had to remove the four white plastic screws (top 2 hidden by small plastic covers) to loosen the airbag enough so I can reach the stupid extra metal screw that held the left plastic cover (see the 2 holes side by side top right).
[Linked Image]

YOU have even to remove the OBD plug because it hides the lower right plastic screw.
[Linked Image]

I did not reinstall the last metal screw for plastic cover since it is held by the top left plastic screw anyway..so next time, this is the only one I'll have to unscrew.

By the way, the relay was OK...after checking the diagram, I noticed the pwr window relay coil is energized by the rear wiper circuit....and indeed this rear wiper fuse was shot....for no reason I can see now...I'll check for that later. ANd it has been so long I was annoyed to have to turn the key ON to energize the windows....I have replaced the relay with a direct permanent "strap"
[Linked Image]
so windows work at all times...just like the door locks.
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