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Power Door Locks

Posted By: Anonymous

Power Door Locks - 09/22/09 08:39 PM

My locks do not work anymore.
Can still lock all doors by pushing the locks down by hand, where as before I just had to push down the drivers side lock and all doors locked.
Also, when I unlock the passenger side door from the outside it unlocks all but the drivers door for about 2 seconds, then they all lock again.

Any Ideas Guys?
What an Awesome Site. lol
Posted By: jays2001

Re: Power Door Locks - 09/23/09 03:38 AM

take the door cover off and check the conecters of the lock to see if there is corosion on conection, just a guess
Posted By: SKC

Re: Power Door Locks - 09/23/09 05:43 AM

It sounds like contact problem. Also, did you leave the window open during a light rain? That might also be the cause, it is is just let it dry out.
Posted By: logansportage

Re: Power Door Locks - 09/23/09 06:43 PM

Pull the fuse for the power door locks to reset the system.
If you have a key fob that allows you to unlock the doors you'll need to resetting this too.

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Posted By: budicexxx

Re: Power Door Locks - 09/23/09 06:50 PM

just wondering if the rear doors are on a seperate fuse as my rear door locks use to work then they both stopped working at the same time. That is both rear doors front work good.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Power Door Locks - 09/23/09 07:07 PM

SKC - I never leave the windows down, unless I can see it.

logansportage - Pulled the fuse yesterday when I did the window fuse and nothing. Don't have a remote for this one. The key unlocks and locks all doors. When I use the key to unlock the Drivers side door I turn it once to unlock the one door then again to unlock the rest. Now they should stay unlocked but they lock again after about 1 second or so on their own. When I do the passenger door this way it does all but the drivers door for only a second or so, so you need to be fast. Got it down to an art to open both passenger doors...lol...turn, turn, pull handles.

budicexxx - As far as I know my doors are on one 30amp fuse

If I am not explaining this well enough please let me know so I can write it down differently....lol
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