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Funny gearbox/transmission

Posted By: Moshe_Buhboot

Funny gearbox/transmission - 10/28/09 05:39 PM


Recently (last few days), sometime when I start the car and shift to drive (Sportage 2001, Automatic, 2.0L DOHC) I get a strange reaction:
1. There is no "slow advance" from the gearbox
2. The gearbox/trasnfer seems to resist the engine (I hit the throtlle and it feels as if the arm breaks is on..)
3. There is a short "metal grinding" sound from the bottom of the car.

After I drive for 1-2m everything is find.

Any thoughts?

Posted By: Hydra747

Re: Funny gearbox/transmission - 10/29/09 01:20 AM

Any thoughts?

Ya, I got many but don't know if there right or not?

1) check the fluid levels
2) Check that the parking brake cable is set correctly
3) Make sure that the transfer gear is fully in 2Hi
4) Do u know if that sound is actually not from ur exhaust
5) Crawl under the rig and give it a good look over <look for loose or damaged parts>.
6) It does not appear to hinder the rest of the vehicle's drive ability......Maybe you need another Transfer Case due to damaged gears and what not?
7) If'n you do I happen to have an extra for sale

-------Hope it helps <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/patriot.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Moshe_Buhboot

Re: Funny gearbox/transmission - 10/29/09 05:35 PM


visited my favorite mechanic: he thinks there might be an issue with the breaks - probably the parking breaks doesn't release it's grip.. but he is not sure - so he gave me some "home excersize" to test for this theory. I just hope it ends as an issue with the parking breaks and not the gear..

just to answer some of the ideas from Hydra:

1. Fluid level is ok
2. Checked that I was on 2H.
3. I have not checked the bottom of the rig - maybe today will be a good time (it did happen after a two day desert trip..)
4. I have some noise from the exhaust - but it is from its rear part which have skided on some rocks. I will try to refasten it.

Thanks for the ideas

Posted By: bombardj1

Re: Funny gearbox/transmission - 11/04/09 10:21 AM

don't know how good your favorite mechanic is, the way the only real way jack the truck up take it out of gear aply the e-brake -parking brake feel the tire to see if the hold tight then release the handle and see if the brakes release and the tires spin.
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