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heater core and hoses...

Posted By: Dave Scott

heater core and hoses... - 12/31/09 06:49 AM

alright, before i open the box, anyone know for sure if the heater core for a 95 is the same as a 2002?


anyone know where i can get a cheap upper heater hose? not too cheap, but less than going to the dealer...
Posted By: londart

Re: heater core and hoses... - 12/31/09 07:39 AM

heater core is same for 95-02 and if its dohc dayco makes an upper hose that sells for about $8 jobber @ my work, if its sohc dont know about others but dayco doesnt show 1
Posted By: bombardj1

Re: heater core and hoses... - 12/31/09 02:31 PM

as far a I can tell 95-00 are same, 01-02 are different part numbers and different prices from the dealer, I have a parts book for a 01, and when I type in the core # it shows 2001-2002, if 95 would fit it would show it, but thats only what I find, it still could fit others might know more.
Posted By: Dave Scott

Re: heater core and hoses... - 01/07/10 01:01 AM

ok, reason i ask is that my 02 has a slanted hump, the 95 has a verticle hump in the front of the heater box...

so, anyone know a size difference before i start cutting?

or, anyone wanna trade?
Posted By: londart

Re: heater core and hoses... - 01/07/10 06:01 AM

at my work we sell 2 different aftermarket brands, four seasons and proliance, and they both say 95-02 are the same....they may be different from factory but the differences are sometimes so minimal that the aftermarket does not change them to keep cost and inventory to a minimum,i know for a fact this is the case with many gm cores and the box has instructions and a piece of foam tape to make up the little bit of difference in size of the core...seems kinda cheesy but from what i understand is pretty common practice in the aftermarket field
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