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Heater core replacemet

Posted By: 5jackz

Heater core replacemet - 03/27/10 05:07 AM

Heater core blew followed by a chewed up drivers side inner and outer bearings. I replaced the bearings and heater core but after attaching up the battery, the airbag light flashes. Yes, I did connect the harness back up. Any hints? <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/scared.gif" alt="" /> I also have a P0440 CEL code and have changed the gas cap. I will be cleaning the throttle body next weekend as well as changing the PCV valve. I did notice that after cleaning the present PCV valve I temporarily get less blow back ( intermittent/plugged pcv ) Any thoughts?
Posted By: Axe Man

Re: Heater core replacemet - 03/27/10 09:59 AM

You must have disconnected an airbag before the electrical system was totally discharged or before the battery was disconnected. In order to prevent the airbag diagnostic unit from setting a check light the following must be done before disconnecting any airbag wiring:

1. Disconnect the battery.

2. Turn on the headlights.

3. Wait approx 15 minutes.

If this procedure wasn't followed the airbag system will indicate a fault. The only way to reset the system is with a Kia Pro Scan Tool. And only Kia Dealers have this tool so unfortunately you must visit a dealer and have the system reset. And expect to be charged a diagnostic fee.

If a new gas cap didn't fix the P0440 code then inspect all the vacuum lines going to the vapor canister unit.
Posted By: 5jackz

Re: Heater core replacemet - 04/08/10 07:25 AM

Replaced the PCV valve and cleaned the throttle body. I did find one hose to the vapor canister that wasn't on tight. Is the vapor can. supposed to sound like sand, and is there a purge filter that should be replaced on it?
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