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engine swap

Posted By: bingocouple

engine swap - 01/14/11 04:33 PM

do you guys know if a 2.7 v-6 kia motor will fit into the 2000 sporty? I am waiting for a response from a guy with all the measurements to see if there is room. I would also like to know if I can use the same tranny or if I would have to get one specific to that engine.
Posted By: logansportage

Re: engine swap - 01/14/11 08:52 PM

Interesting thought. I'd love to have the 2.7 or for that matter the 3.5 from the Sorento, but I don't think there is enough room side to side. It's really cramped with the 2.0 inline 4 now. I know there was a guy that fitted an LS1 engine into a Sorento, but they have a lot more room and he ended up doing some extensive trimming and clearancing to get it to fit. For an engine swap like this you are better off using the trany that comes with the engine. It's already designed to work/fit to the engine and you only need to fit it into the space you have.

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Posted By: DamKia

Re: engine swap - 01/15/11 10:30 AM

Both of them are derived from Mitsubishi engines so there may be some issues with the bellhousing and clutches.

The easy way if you wanted to do a full swap would be with a 2.7l 4 cyl Toyota motor (IIRC a 3RZ) that fits onto a transmission and tcase that drops to our side (right hand drop), although I don't know about overall length vs our overall length.

Anything related to Mitsubishi generally is a left hand drop if you also use their transmissions and tcase.
Posted By: bingocouple

Re: engine swap - 01/15/11 03:32 PM

ok thank you. It was just and idea.
I took a 231 v6 and put it in a suzuki samurai once. Worked great, tons of power, could get the front tires off the ground in 1st gear.
Posted By: fokion

Re: engine swap - 01/15/11 06:33 PM

there are RUMORS that a ford v6 2.5cc can be fitted. Buto sorry no other info.

Have in mind thow that a HiTech management-wise engine will require ALL sensors ECU harnes e.t.c to work.

Plus the fact that the sportage 2.7 in a west to east orientation instead a north to south like ours

there is also in Korea a street car that haw two engines
Ours and a 2.5 V6 that could in theory, matchin our bellhousing
And I know because a friend that imports used engines an other KIA parts from Korea, is giving its engines for the sportages.

Unfortunately I dont remember the name of the KIA street model..
Posted By: fokion

Re: engine swap - 01/15/11 06:45 PM

Got it

Kia Potentia
Posted By: DamKia

Re: engine swap - 01/15/11 07:29 PM

Also Mazda derived. Same FE motor as us

MAZDA 929 3gen

Or the 2.5 liter

Engine manufacturer:
Kia K5 (variant of Rover KV6)

Engine type:
spark-ignition 4-stroke

Fuel type:
petrol (gasoline)

Fuel system:
indirect injection

Charge system:
naturally aspirated

Valves per cylinder:

Valves timing:

Additional features:
Multi-point fuel injection

Noting that this is not the 2.5 liter Mazda motor AFAIK

DOHC Mazda 2.5
Posted By: DennisThompson

Re: engine swap - 01/16/11 07:10 PM

There is a Sportage on youtube with a Chevy 454, it all depends on how much money and/or how much work your willing to do on what engine swap you want to do. Almost any swap is posible but is it worth it?
A few question you need to find out.
1. Will it bolt up to your trans? NO.
2. Can you use the 2.7 trans? No, it's in there sideways.
3. Is there a rear wheel drive Mitubishi trans and t-case that bolts up to the 2.7? Maybe.
4. Is the front output on the right side for the Kia front axle? Maybe.
Do some research and decide if it's worth it to you, if I was going to all the trouble on an engine swap I would do a 302 Ford, if they fit in a Miata I could get one to fit in a Sporty, all it takes it money.

Posted By: DEFBOY35

Re: engine swap - 01/19/11 03:39 AM

lol about the miata fitment. i have had that exact same thought about the 5.0 myself.

reasonably compact and huge power potential.

i myself have thought about going to a toyota transmission bolted to a 3.4 v6
for what it all would be worth in the long run and $to pwer ratio, i think it would be the better option than trying to do the stroker conversion to my fe.
Posted By: fokion

Re: engine swap - 01/19/11 07:37 AM

Also in Grecce there are a couple of sportages with 2.0 cosworth ( ford sierra ) turbo engines with 400++Hp used for.....
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