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Stalls when braking

Posted By: Lou

Stalls when braking - 04/19/11 09:03 PM

(2000 Sporty) I have just overhauled my fuel tank, details of which would be another thread.....but here is a new twist: it starts, runs and drives just OK....but then , after hard to moderate braking, it acts like it is lacking fuel, stops and lights up the CEL...tests no readeable code ....and will always restart right away and kill the CEL.
FUel tank is 1/3 to 1/2 at this time but it used to burn the fuel way down low on the tank . I'll test with a full tank tomorrow, no logic there.... just to verify, but I wanted to test the forum for similar incidents.
Posted By: 2002_Sporty

Re: Stalls when braking - 04/21/11 08:43 AM

Justa Guess,
Mine used to do that too. I found the source on mine.
The fuel filter hose was not attatched all the way on.
The snap fitting was torn up when a buddy of mine tried to pry it off. So it was not holding correctly. I would brake hard and the fuel line would seperate and starve the engine.
I couldn't figure it out till one day I smelled gas.
Don't know - Justa guess.
Posted By: bingocouple

Re: Stalls when braking - 04/21/11 02:43 PM

I would check all of my vacuum lines also. While the engine is running and in neutral, step on the brake pedal repeadily, if your idle goes up you have a vacuum leak somewhere.
Posted By: Lou

Re: Stalls when braking - 04/22/11 04:14 PM

Thanks both of you. Away for this weekend and after last tests, I had left the ignition on so dead battery ; used the other car while on battery charger...done a few short trips after that but driving/braking smoothly so a no-show. Slight fuel scent though.
Will report findings in line with your suggestions as soon as verified.
Posted By: bombardj1

Re: Stalls when braking - 04/22/11 04:25 PM

for the fuel smell check the 2 small fuel lines off the fuel reg. if they have never been replaced I would do so.

check the rear hose off the valve cover ends can become brital
Posted By: Lou

Re: Stalls when braking - 05/07/11 08:06 PM

Problem solved.....but not sure why.
Hard braking rushes the fuel in the front of the fuel tank, which at low level depletes the fuel pump located almost at the rear....that is normal...but it depends what one calls "low level"..
As the behaviour (describes above) was indeed symptomatic of such, I have filled the tank from 1/3 up to 3/4...and problem totally gone. And I know 1/3 indicated was really 1/3 fuel.

SO what happened? it was not like that before I dropped the fuel tank and turned it in all directions and positions working to obturate the series of holes 1/2 inch just above the seam all around the tank . was something displaced in the fuel pump system that makes it impossible to feed from low level....low level meaning 1/3 the tank is not enough when braking hard?
Issue opened to comments....mmm... baffle around the fuel pump?....
Posted By: Lou

Re: Stalls when braking - 05/09/11 02:12 PM

... <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> EPoxy patches I used to repair holes above the mid tank seam have been dissolved by fuel so I'm in for a new fuel tank finally. Bizarre because bottom holes had been cured with epoxy glue years ago and it had held.
Posted By: logansportage

Re: Stalls when braking - 05/13/11 08:35 PM

Make sure you use epoxy that is rated for fuel. If not, this is the problem you get. My recommendation is to replace the fuel tank so you don't get contaminated fuel into the fuel lines and engine.

Logansportage <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/patriot.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Lou

Re: Stalls when braking - 05/27/11 02:07 PM

..well finally.....my tank repair had held OK....the fuel return line from the regulator was corroded just beside the fuel tank and threw fuel to the side of the tank.....I replaced the line and the fuel stays where it belongs now. I saw that as soon as I dropped the tank for a replacement...and I returned the 400$ new tank to the dealer.
I had tested the fuel line to the regulator..the one from the pump that holds the presure....but not the return line, that carries almost no pressure. WHen I filled the tank up to 3/4 , the tank level was higher than the line...and fuel was siphoned from the tank while the vehicle was at rest. THis did not show for all the time I had kept the tank low....that is, for the last 6 months....and.... ahhh....well, I have extended my wife's tolerance for a few more months, I guess.... <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: logansportage

Re: Stalls when braking - 05/27/11 05:18 PM

$400.00 for a tank! Next time you are looking for parts, try www.kiaparts.com. That is where I got my tank and I think it cost me just under $300.00. Still a lot, but 3/4 what the stealer wanted.

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