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Rear coil springs

Posted By: bingocouple

Rear coil springs - 12/14/11 03:07 AM

How tall are the rear coil springs from a tj jeep? Like the 104's and the 106's? I may have found some and the guy wants to know how tall they are supposed to be. Thanks in advance.
Posted By: Peabody

Re: Rear coil springs - 12/14/11 06:25 AM

If I recall correctly, the TJ springs are about 12.5" long. Here's a quote from a Jeep forum regarding the "guesstimated" spring rate for each type of spring...

"There are four different versions of the springs that were used from 1997 through 2006. These are the ones that can be used on the C10. Similar rear springs could be found on the Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ. All four versions are the same length wise but vary in rate.
The only way to tell them apart is by the color coded tags that are on the springs from the factory, they read as follows:
103AA (or 3AA) 130lb.
104AA (or 4AA) 140lb.
105AA (or 5AA) 150lb.
106AA (or 6AA) 160lb.
The colors on the tags can vary and the rates are "ball park" at best."

Hope that helps... <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Everet

Re: Rear coil springs - 12/15/11 04:17 AM

The ones I have measured are between 12" and 12.25" high unsprung. One thing I noted was that the wire diameter for the 104 was smaller than the 106.
I'll see if I can post the wire diameter for the 106 AA and the 6AA's (which were about 12.5" tall unsprung)
Posted By: bingocouple

Re: Rear coil springs - 12/15/11 05:11 PM

The guy who has the springs says that there are no tags on them. So its going to be hard to tell the difference according to the first poster. But the height of the spring may be able to help him. Everet I am going to be cashing out my PTO at work in march and I would like to get a lift kit from you. I am just trying to find a set of rear springs before then so I do the lift all at the same time. I am thinking I want to go the full 4" lift.
Posted By: jays2001

Re: Rear coil springs - 12/15/11 09:08 PM

i have a pair that i don't need think they are 105 or 104 but to tell the truth i have 106 in mine and took these off didnt notice any difference,not even when i hook up my car trailer.
if interested u can have them for shipping cost.
doing a solid swap this year and a 5.0 engine transplant so not much stock drive train going to be left after all said and done, so one year old lsd will be up for sell to in near future but that will not be that cheap bought from dealer. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/patriot.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: bingocouple

Re: Rear coil springs - 12/15/11 11:47 PM

How much would the shipping be to zip 97128?
Posted By: DennisThompson

Re: Rear coil springs - 12/17/11 05:33 PM

Here is what I have found, if it's factory hard top Jeep you will get about 4 inches of lift, soft top about 3 inches. Even though the TJ and the Sportage weigh about the same the Jeep is heavier in the rear, on my Jeep the springs are compressed about 1 1/2" more than on the Sportage. My Sportage springs came off a hard top and my Jeep is a hard top.

Hope that helps a little, Dennis
Posted By: kiaracer

Re: Rear coil springs - 03/04/14 05:32 AM

I'm a little confused on the rear spring thing. If it doesn't have a tag on it and you can't find any except aftermarket ones, what are the aftermarket equivalents to these? I'd like to do a 4" lift but no luck on finding these except on aftermarket parts websites and of course they have completely different part numbers than just 104aa, 105aa, 106aa.
Posted By: kiaracer

Re: Rear coil springs - 03/04/14 05:43 AM

Found something interesting in my endless search for rear springs. Found on a Jeep forum:

TJ Model

126/103 soft top
127/104 hard top

127/104 soft top
128/105 hard top

128/104 soft top
129/105 hard top

129/105 soft top
130/106 hard top

129/105 soft top
130/106 hard top
Posted By: Sportege_Panicmech

Re: Rear coil springs - 03/09/14 08:17 PM

I would look up local jeep clubs and ask them if they have stock springs laying around collecting dust and if they'd sell them to you. Post something on Craigslist too in the wanted add. Thats how I found mine
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